Monday, May 30, 2011

Taking Stock

I got out in the garden today for a bit to weed and take stock of what made it through the wet winter. I've got....

  • Volunteer potatoes from some that I must have forgot to dig up from last years harvest. They look sturdier and more bountiful than they did their first year.
  • Three rhubarb plants that I started from seed last year. They are too young to use yet but next year I'll probably have rhubarb coming out of my ears. They were in pots and got transferred, one into each bed.
  • I tried garlic for the first time last fall and lo and behold, they survived. Looking forward to my very own garlic braid this year.
  • The pears, plums, apples and cherry trees haven't bore much fruit in the last two seasons so anything we get there will be a bonus.
  • And my new hazelnut tree is taking root. I'm hoping for nuts in the next few years.
The garden is ready, the paths are cleared and the beds are weed free! I won't be starting from seed this year, but buying starts from the local farmers market and maybe the nursery. I'm hoping to snag my hubby for a few hours this week so we can pick out what we want to grow this year. Hopefully our eyes won't be bigger than our stomachs.

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Anonymous said...

One of the best things about Texas is that we can (and do) garden pretty much year round. We enjoyed tomatoes from our garden on burgers this weekend. My husband picked so much from the garden this morning I will be busy for hours getting it ready for the freezer. We are blessed this year. BUT we are in drought, it is hotter than heck, and miserable out now. It will not cool down till about Oct.

Good luck with your garden. Roxie in Texas