Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I bought strange (for me) things this week. With half of my kids gone on vacation with Grandma and the other half nursing sore mouths from the orthodontist...it's going to be a weird food week for us. I bought soft foods and lots of fruits and veggies so we could juice them and get some nutrition down the older kids. I went a little crazy and bought a 40lb box of apples this week. I figured I'd make applesauce (nice and soft) and then juice a whole bunch. Whatever is left over just might turn into a pie or two for the freezer. Here's what I got.


12 single serve yogurts (SPLURGE) $7.20
Green enchilada sauce $1.78
Ranch dressing $1.49
Almond Milk $2.78
40 lb box of apples (not pictured) $35.28
Kale $1.28
2 vegetarian re fried beans $1.76
bulk fettuccine $2.26
Parmesan $1.67
cream cheese $1.33
6 instant puddings $5.64
Broccoli $3.98
2 bags celery $2.48
2 mango $1.56
8 lemons $3.04
mushrooms $1.78
10 lbs carrots $4.48
2 cucumbers $.96
tomatoes $1.37
bag lettuce $1.48

Grant Total $82.32

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