Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

This week I did a little stock up on some meat. When you buy the larger "family packs" the price per pound is so much cheaper. So when I get home I divide the pack in half, put it in the freezer, and then the next week I won't have to buy any meat. It jacks up my weekly spending a bit but in the long run it helps me stick to the budget. Right now I have a freezer with a whole chicken, (from two weeks ago when I bought a package of 2) a meals worth of thighs and breasts, and a giant meaty ham bone just waiting to be used when I need it. Here's what I got this week.

Win-comilk $2.36
3 cans spaghetti sauce $2.94
vanilla $1.08
apples $6.16
yogurt $1.98
strawberry jam $2.72
almond milk $3.49
4 crescent rolls $6.72
margarine $.80
soy sauce $1.15
chicken breasts $5.98
cascade $4.37
bulk chocolate chips $6.42
Italian dressing $3.88
onions $.56
bulk cashews $3.36
pepperoni $2.36
mozzarella $7.28
2 chili $1.88
cauliflower $1.58
bulk popcorn $2.38
potatoes $1.98
garlic $.96
Parmesan $1.88
bananas $.86
tomatoes $.83
chicken thighs $7.59

Grand Total $83.55

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Starleigh said...

Why is your milk $1.50 cheaper than where I live??