Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

After last weeks trip I really didn't need to get a whole lot for this week. We also are having two birthday meals out this week so I was trying to cook with what I already had to offset the splurge of eating out twice. This is what I got.


4 loaves of bread/1 bag mini bagels $5.00


Milk $2.48
Applesauce $2.24
Yogurt $1.68
5 lbs carrots $2.28
beef broth $.86
red wine $2.78
stew meat $8.39
bulk macaroni $1.35
tomato sauce $.48
bananas $1.52
mushrooms $1.98
grapes $4.25
apples $2.56
tomatoes $1.37

Grand Total $39.22

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The Lovely One said...

How do you keep your bread fresh (or do you go through that much bread each week)? I buy a loaf of bread every week for my family of 4, but I end up throwing some out at the end of each week because it starts to taste stale before we can eat it. I hate to be wasteful... any advice?

Gayle said...

I store bread in the freezer the minute we get it home. I thaw it out on the counter when we are ready for a new loaf. But yes, sometimes we can go through this much in just a week.