Monday, October 17, 2011

Un-Menu Plan

A few years ago, in the stage of parenting where everyone needs me to feed them and clean them and tuck them in, I would have cooked up a storm and stocked up my freezer with home cooked meals before leaving on a trip. This stage....the one I'm in now? Well, I just make sure they have the basics and let them go for it. No plan....more than half of them know how to cook....and no sweat for me.

Well, in the kitchen department.

The rest of it is a different story.

I'm getting ready to head off for a week with some girl friends and soak up some sun in Arizona. Even without having to work out everyone's meals it's still a lot of work and prep to leave my family. I've got to map out a week of independent school studies, make sure my husband can get everyone where they need to be and at the right times, and make sure that HE knows what chores they should be doing. (Otherwise they'll probably try to get away with NOT doing them.) By the time I set it all up, I'm going to really need a vacation!

In the meantime starting on Wednesday I've got 5 great guest bloggers lined up to give you their expert frugal advice while I'm gone. I really think you're going to be inspired with all their ideas.

So get ready for some good stuff!

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Heather said...

Have a great time on your vacation.