Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homemade Christmas - Hopscotch Rug

I love this idea just for the sheer simplicity of it. Where we live, the kids learn to play indoors at least half of the year and what a great way to keep them active and away from all the screens (tv, computer, video games) for a while. So if you're looking for a creative Christmas toy to give the kids this year, I think this one could be lots of fun and also pass on the heritage of the simpler things that we used to do to amuse ourselves when we were little. My guess is that if you scope out Goodwill or discount stores you can keep this project under the $10 mark.

So head on over to Sewing Dork to check out this Hopscotch Rug.


Terri said...

You know what? I am going to make one of these for each of my younger grades. I love it!

Marishannon said...

That looks really simple and will probably make one for my boys when they get a little bigger. I made a really elaborate cloth one a couple years ago for a little cousin, but this would take much less time!