Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Monday- New Cookbooks!

I came across a stack of Weight Watchers cookbooks so I'm going to be giving some new recipes a try. I made my kids look through them and put sticky notes on the recipes that they would like to eat so we'll see how it goes this week. If you're interested in any of the recipes, the books I'm working from are pictured here.

Here's what's cooking this week!


Oatmeal, farina, pancakes or fruit and yogurt smoothies


Huevos Mexicanos
Corn and Cheese Griddle Cakes
Zucchini Risotto with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Turkey and Penne Casserole
Meatloaf with Carmelized Onions and Mushrooms.
Leftover Buffet
Superbowl Party!

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