Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GCC Shopping Round Up

I visited my favorite bread store this week. I haven't been in for a while but it was worth it because they filled me in on a great deal. If you're local you won't want to miss this Groupon deal for the Franz Bakery Outlet. Spend $5 and get $10 worth of product. Here's what I got this week.


3 boxes of donuts
5 loaves of bread
1 hoagie rolls
1 bagels

Subtotal $10


Lettuce $1.78
white sugar $5.64
2 sweetened condensed milk $2.70
2 gallons milk $5.06
2 butter cartons $5.54
2 cream of mushroom $3.04
syrup $1.98
TP $4.98
2 tomato soup $1.18
dry mustard $2.75
Brown Sugar $1.42
celery $.58
spreadable butter $2.64
bananas $1.55
stew meat $10.83 (2 meals worth)
almond milk $2.58
2 cartons strawberries $3.96
cheddar cheese 2 lbs $4.98
spinach $1.78
bulk oats $1.04
onions $.94
tomatoes $1.23
coffee (that's about a 6 month supply for us) $6.48
avocados $3.12
5 lb carrots $2.28
apples $3.14

Grand Total $93.20

The good news of that huge total? I stocked up on bread, coffee, oats and got an extra serving of meat to put in the freezer.

Would you like to tell us about your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Peggy said...

Gayle, How do you make your coffee last so long?

Gayle said...

We only drink one cup a day. I make a whole pot of sweetened coffee once a week for me. I just keep it in the fridge and drink it throughout the week. My hubby makes himself one cup every morning. So a big canister lasts us a really long time.

StaceyN said...

I LOVE the bread store, too. I usually only make it there every six to eight weeks (drawback of living in the boons), so I really stock up (at least 40 loaves at a time) and freeze bread in paper bags to prevent freezer burning. And if it does freezer burn, toasting it can resurrect it (kind of like baking stale tortilla chips in the oven to make them fresh again :-)). I can justify flaking out and not baking homemade bread when I can buy the really good, 100% whole wheat stuff for $1 a loaf. Love it!

Frugal in Florida said...

Now I feel the need to hit up the bread store :)

Amy said...

Is that where you use the sweetened condensed milk? I have been wondering, since you seem to buy this nearly every week.

Do you warm up the coffee or drink it cold? Just curious

Frugal Family Home said...

I really like the Franz Bread store too. The one near me has a sale on Saturdays and you can get 5 loaves for $4 and I usually can find the organic loaves. That makes it less expensive than making my own.