Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Monday

I've decided I'm not making a plan this week.  We just have cupboards and a fridge that is full of stuff.  So I've assigned each kid a day this week to get creative and come up with a dinner of their choice from the things we already have.  I figure I'm preparing them for real life, right?  I'll make a quick trip to the store for some essentials but other than that we are winging it.  Check back this week for my shopping trip and a few foodie articles that you might be interested in. 


Poer Mom said...

I love this idea! Hopefully sometime in the far off future this will prevent them from mindlessly staring at the fridge and saying "I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat"....a Mom can dream right?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift to give your kiddos! This makes "out on their own" so much easier on everyone. I bet they make you proud and at the very least, make you laugh. Thanks for your wisdom.