Tuesday, July 17, 2012

GCC Shopping Trip

You know how after weeks of grocery shopping you tend to gather unused odds and ends in your pantry and fridge?  I built my menu this week around those things.  I had three unused hot dogs, lots of pasta and veggies, a few frozen chicken breasts and lots of other random things.  So I found that I didn't have to get much at the grocery store this week.  Here's what I did get....


Asian Salad Mix $2.78
vinegar $2.28
Morning Star Meat Crumbles $2.98
Whipping Cream $1.78
tortilla chips $2.60
chocolate chips $1.58
4 sweetened condensed milk $6.16
Pear Gorgonzola Salad Mix $2.48
olives $1.19
2 gallons milk $4.98
refried beans $.88
strawberries $3.88
2 lbs cheddar $5.71
2 lbs mozzarella $5.65
dried cherries $1.35
grapes $4.32

Grand Total $50.60

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