Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Monday and a Bunch of Other Stuff

I've had a realization lately and the fact is, I can't do it all.  I can do a lot, but when I first got my new job in December of last year I knew that eventually some things were going to have to go.  I've got lots of fires in the oven, lots of little part time jobs that help pay the bills.....and the prom dresses, and the driving lessons and the birthday parties.   But when I said yes to the job I immediately made a list of all  the things that were most important to me, knowing that if life got too busy I was going to have to pull out my list and erase some things off of it.  And before you start thinking this is my bloggy farewell party, it's not the blog that is going.  But to all the locals out there who read my foodie articles in The Daily News, you won't be seeing me there anymore.  

As for Menu Monday this week, I have a guilty admission.  I've spent the last two days laying in bed getting the most out of my $8 a month Hulu-Plus subscription. (Best $8 I've ever spent on entertainment!)   I did actually shower and make food for everybody but then I jumped right back on my bed and watched another episode of Downton Abbey.  But sadly I've almost blown through two seasons in two days and I'm going to have to wait for the next season to air in the Fall.  All that to say, it might turn into Menu Tuesday since I haven't made my meal plan yet.  But for tonight's dinner I threw together this yummy little dish.  Herb Baked Eggs served with fruit, Comfort food at it's finest.

I've also been browsing through this book for my menu this week.  If you haven't checked it out and you have an infatuation with your crock pot like I do, then you might want to take a look.  The title says it all. 
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Linda said...

So glad to hear you aren't giving up the blog. You are one of my favorites. I love your recipes. I've heard about the cook-book and it definitely sounds interesting. I am loving my crock pot in all this Texas heat! I need more recipes.Can't wait to hear your opinion of the book!

Carrise Bond said...

Loooovve Downton Abbey. Can't wait for season 3!!!