Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working Lunchbuster Ideas!

The average American doesn't take a lunch to work but instead opts to eat out everyday.  That adds up to a lot of extra money each week.  For the most part, when I'm at work I pack my own lunch.  I usually take leftovers and fruit and lots of water.  But there are days when I work longer than expected or I just couldn't get it together in time to pack something to take with me.  On those days I have to grab food when I'm out and about.  Unfortunately that can add up really fast.  It's easy to spend $6 to $8 dollars (or more) on a fast lunch.  But here are a few lunchbuster ideas that can keep your budget lower when you need something on the go.

  • If you must hit the fast food, stick to places that have a $1 menu.  I can usually get a burger, fries and a free water for less than $3. 

  • The grocery store is a great place.  Remember that any work you do yourself, saves money.  Instead of buying a ready made sandwich for $5,   I get a fresh baked roll from the bakery for 50 cents, two slices of cheese and meat from the deli for less than $1 and build my own sandwich.  Add in a banana and a bottle of water and I've spent  about $2.50 on a healthy, quick lunch.  

If you're normally spending $6 a day on lunch, after 5 work days you've just put a dent in your budget to the tune of $30.  If you follow these tips you can knock it down to $15, cutting it in half.  Add in a few brown bag lunches each week and you're easily on the way to saving big during your lunch hour.

What are some ways that you save during working lunches?

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Frugal Gal said...

Great tips, Gayle! I also use the grocery store. We have a full size fridge at work, so Monday morning on the way to work I pick up lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, green pepper, shredded cheddar, a bag of frozen peas (I put some in a cup of warm water to thaw for 1 minute and put it on top of my salad), salad dressing, 1 bag bagels, 1 block cream cheese, and apples and oranges. This costs about $20 and I have breakfast and lunch for the entire week, plus some of it I have left over for the weekend. I always have fruit for breakfast, and I have salad and bagel or buttered bread for lunch. I also always have saltines, peanut butter, animal crackers, and Sobe zero waters on hand if I need a snack. And after spending $2.99 two Fridays in a row for a quick stop tuna sandwich, I got smart and just bought some cans of tuna at the dollar store. I always have bread/bagels at work and little packets of mayo in our condiments drawer, so this lunch would cost me about $1, that's one-third the cost of the quick stop option. Thank you so much for all the wonderful frugal ideas you have!