Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why So Quiet?

Hello out there....(knock, knock)  anyone still here? 

I realized to the bloggy world it seems that I dropped off the face of the earth.  But there's a story in there somewhere.

I started a part time job a little over a year ago that turned into full time and all of the sudden I blinked and found I went from a stay at home/homeschooling  mom to a full time working mom.  I've walked a mile in those shoes and let me tell you, those are some seriously tough shoes.  I loved the fact that my job combined my love for thrift stores and reselling with a nice little paycheck and the ability to help a worthy non-profit cause.  But working for a board of directors that contained a few people that were more interested in furthering their own agendas grew into a toxic environment.  So I am now, again, a stay at home mom. 

That's the short story. 

I learned a few things along the way though.

  1. I learned I'm really good at appraising, reselling and displaying used items in a boutique atmosphere.  I love it and just saying that sentence sends a little thrill through me!  (It's spawned a much more family friendly business venture for my sister and I)
  2. A working mom is a CRAZY tough job.  I constantly felt guilty for NOT being with my children.  I was exhausted all the time, barely home, and we ate out alot!  It does all kinds of things inside you emotionally when you are away from your children more than you are with them.  All those feelings for a job I loved.  Can you imagine moms who are forced to work a job they don't like? 
  3. I LOVE being in my home.  I love feeding my family, making a cozy house, teaching my kids myself, all the conversations that come about just from being together.
  4. Running a home is a full time job!  Holy moly!  I didn't realize how hard I worked at home until I wasn't in it.  Don't let anyone get away with assuming a stay at home mom has it easy.  My house was a mess even though hubby and kids were here most of the time.  The kids schedules and appointments were topsy turvy.  We very rarely ate a quality home cooked meal. It was chaos.
  5. A mom (this mom) is the hub of a home.  I really am the glue that holds this family together and brings order to our lives.   Just being here makes everyone happier and more secure.  
I've been spending the last few weeks recovering from all that went down at my old job and re-discovering all that I love about being home.  I've been taking my new found passion and creating a way to fulfill that and earn a little money on the side.  All is well.

As for the blog...I'm ready for some changes here too.  I'm working on updating the site, I've got some new ideas up my sleeve, I'm getting my craftiness on again with several projects and of course I'm cooking up a storm.  So basically, I'm back!

And I'm loving it!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Menu Monday

It's been a busy few weeks at our house and I haven't had the time to come check in.   We knew the day was fast approaching that our oldest would get his license so we've been car shopping for a few months. The plan was to hand down our sturdy reliable Volvo to our driving kids and then Mama gets a new car!  Woohoo!  Our budget was super tight because we weren't going to go the traditional finance route.  But we finally found a great deal with low miles and the ability to seat all six of us if we need to.  It's the first car we've bought since 2001!  We like to use 'em up around here.  So now we are a family of three cars and three drivers.   

Our second oldest just started Drivers Ed this week too and by March we'll be a four driver family They will share the Volvo  to get them to work and college classes next fall. 

In the meantime we've been chopping wood and getting the house ready for winter.  We've also been working on our budget to incorporate increased expenses with another car and new drivers.  And of course working on fall menu plans. 

Here's what's cooking this week. 


Oatmeal, fruit, or  Crumb Topped Banana Muffins,


Easy Way Lasagna
TGIF's Black Bean Soup
Shepherds Pie
Egg Salad Sandwiches
Stir Fry
Leftover Buffet

Monday, September 24, 2012

Menu Monday

I've been felling all domestic and nesty this week.  Fall seems to be postponing it's arrival around here so I've just decided to ignore the sun and start fall preparations anyway.  I drew the line when the kids asked if they could start a fire in the fireplace...even though I thought long and hard about it before I said no. 

So today we picked as many apples as we could reach from the trees in the backyard.  I even picked a few pears.    I baked cookies and pies and apple sauce.  I've got stews and roasts on the menu and school projects on the brain.  Christmas crafts and ideas are floating through my head and Halloween costumes are washed and ready to wear.   I've never been more ready for the rain. 

Here's what is cooking this week.


Bread Machine Cinnamon Buns, oatmeal and fruit


Chipotle Pork Roast
Browned Beef Stew (this recipe is THE BEST if you like thick stews)
Chinese Style Noodle and Pork Soup (using up leftover Pork Roast)
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
French Toast and Sausage (breakfast for dinner night)
Leftover Buffet