Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Just Won't Believe It!

Oh My Gosh! I’m so excited I can’t even see straight! If you look at the top of my sidebar you’ll see a button about earning some “easy money”. If you’ve ever used Paypal before, well this company is just like it. And they want to spread the word. If you open an account with them before May 15, they are giving each new member a FREE $25.

Yep, FREE!

I got mine already.

And the greatest part is that for everyone that follows the link and signs up, I get an extra $10 in my account.

And you can too, the more people that you refer!

So, by all means, go over and check it out, read the fine print just to be sure, (I didn’t find any surprises or hidden fees or anything odd) and then spread the word on your blog.

And start planning what you’re going to spend your money on!

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