Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Week, Another Meal Plan, Another Shopping Trip

It seems like I just DID my grocery plan for the week and here it is, time to do it again.

1 shower curtain liner to replace the moldy one $1.00 (dollar store)
Tea bags $1.50 (we drink lots of iced tea in the summers – really cheap!)
Cream of mushroom soup $.59
Minced garlic $1.29
2 cans of chili $1.58
Soy Sauce $.99
Gallon Milk $2.68
3lbs ground beef $5.88 (I’ll separate them into 3 lb packs for my freezer)
Red Grapes $2.84
Margarine $.68
Red Apples $2.41
2 large containers Vanilla Yogurt $3.56
Brown sugar $.99
5 dozen eggs $7.74
Bananas $1.53
Strawberries $1.98
Lemon Juice $1.28
Kiwi $1.28
Cajun Spice $1.56
2 cans mandarin oranges $.96
2 cans mushrooms $1.10
Bacon Bits $2.13
Shredded mozzarella $1.62
2 boxes Iced Tea Bags $1.58
Bacon $1.69
Smoked Sausage $1.69
Sharp Cheddar grated $2.29
Pasta $.79
2 cans tomato sauce $1.00
½ gallon Chocolate Soymilk $1.99 (treat for lactose intolerant hubby)
Dill pickles $1.49
Buttermilk $1.49

Total $58.68

And the meals go something like this…


Apple Pie Muffins (so good last week plus it made enough to freeze for snacks)
Amish Baked Oatmeal
Simply Fruit
Stuffin Egg Muffins
Blackberry Breakfast Bars


Baked Potato Bar (toppings are chili, sour cream, cheese, bacon)
Roasted Chicken and veggies
Crockpot Red Beans and Rice
Mrs. Geraldines Ground Beef Casserole
BLT Pasta Salad and Peasant Bread
Chicken Fried Rice

Leftover Night


linda said...

Cool Site. I don't know how you only spend $50.00 dollars a week. I spend about $150. a week for a family of five. Are you including your household products? How do you do it? Would love to hear how. I have been trying to cut back on my grocery bill for years.

Bev said...

Those apple pie muffins sound delish! I am going to give those a try! have a wonderful week!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

Hey Gayle,

Go to slick deals, walmart forum

and scroll down you will see a run down of deals and links to coupons for various items

I noticed you bought pickles and they have a link to coupons $1.00 off valasic pickles or relish. They don't expire until December 08 They can make for some good cheep pickles or relish--you get three to a page. I have used them and they work great no scanning issues.

Leanne said...

Hey, did you know that you can actually wash your shower curtain liner??


Wash it in hot water with one cup of salt. This will kill all the mold and yuck and actually make it resist mold and scum too!

There, that saves you at least 2 bucks!!

Am I speakin' your language??


MamaFeelgood said...

I just found you via Organizing Junkie and I think I'm going to stick around and see what you have to say. I've been perusing your blog and bookmarking recipes for a while now. Keep up the good work!!

Kelli said...

the apple pie muffins are awesome. The only thing is that when you reheat them the topping is not crisp. My husband doesn't care though--He said that these are "way better" than the Panera Bread muffins he's been getting! He's very sad that they are all gone in just two days ;-)