Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time To Make The Donuts

If anyone needs any extra mommy points than this recipe is the one to get them for you. We drove by a Krispy Kreme fund raiser this weekend to the sound of our kids begging in the back seat.

My answer to them was, “Oh, I can make donuts at home. We don’t need to spend all that money.”

Sometimes I speak without thinking first.

So when I got home I scoured the internet for a decent and uncomplicated donut recipe which I found HERE.

I made the dough in my bread machine the night before. Rolled them and cut them out using a glass for the donut and the top of my salt shaker for the hole. Then I put them in the fridge for the night.

In the morning I took them out and put them in my warm oven for an hour while I exercised in preparation for a big pig-out and then read the paper.

I fried them up and made the glaze recipe, adding a handful of melted chocolate chips and this was my result.

The kids said they didn’t taste like Krispy Kreme but they were definitely Winchell’s quality donuts.


Anonymous said...

Boy is my mouth watering, I'm guessing you didn't save any for grandma!

Kacie said...

Those look amazing!! You're totally a pro.

Mom2fur said...

I think Krispy Kremes are over-rated. Yours look 1000x yummier!

Duckygirl said...

If I had buttermilk in my fridge we'd be having these for dinner :) I guess breakfast later in the week will have to do...bummer :P

Lisa said...

Those look fantastic! I cheat and use buttermilk biscuits from the can, make a hole, fry them and shake in cinnamon-sugar.

MaryLu said...

Oh my!! Do those ever look good!
What a great idea putting in the chocolate chips, super easy chocolate glaze that way!

BTW, my word verification was "imcow". Is it trying to tell me something?

gail said...

finally got around to visiting this blog. i visit your other one all the time. the other day you had me laughing so hard my dh told me i had to spill it and let him in on the joke.

i've heard the krispy kreme secret is in the glaze, but don't know if that is true.

you are a great mom! i would think about doing these, but probably take me a year to actually do it.

i look forward to purusing more of your blog and saving some $$ to boot.

Donna said...

These look fabulous!

B said...

Growing up, my mother would make homemade donuts from the cheap canned biscuits. Just stretch out each biscuit, work a hole in the middle & fry in a skillet of oil (Sounds healthy doesn't it! lol!) We would alternate rolling them in regular white sugar & powdered sugar. I always laugh to myself at a chinese buffet since they do the same thing - the little sugary donuts - that's the biscuit donut way!

Kelli said...

I found this recipe on your blog sometime in the fall. It's become our Friday morning treat-thanks. You owe me for the 5 lbs that I attribute to these doughnuts ;-)
I don't add chocolate to the glaze, I add lemon extract. It gives it a nice light fresh flavor. As my 16 y/o said, with that flavor it's not as sweet and you can eat more of them before you start to feel sick ;-0

L Couture said...

Hi = ) I'm a new fan, just came across your blog while searching for unique ways to repurpose coffee creamer bottles (SIDE NOTE: After discovering frugality & blogs about frugality, I started limiting the 3-5 Starbucks trips per week & looking for alternatives. Came across International Delight's Iced Coffee, & now I'm in love, I get a 1/2 gallon prepared carton for $4- the same price as 1 of my usuals at Starbucks, & just the age of 23, started using flavored creamer as well. I'm going to be having a lot of Caramel Macchiato creamer bottles that I don't want to throw away. Any ideas? Beside planting, & goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks, m&ms)

Anywayyyyyyy, there is no way 2 dozen of these wonderful doughnuts cost you only 50¢ (fifty cents, Incase the symbol didn't show correctly)!! How?!