Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday and Weekly Shopping Trip

My three oldest kids are off on a camping trip with Grandma this week so it’s freaking me out to only have to cook for three people. I don’t have any concept on how to NOT cook for a small army. So since I can’t fathom how to adjust backwards I’m going to use this time to stock up my freezer for when the busy fall season hits us.

My small garden is also starting to produce so if you don’t see as many vegetables in the picture as you do on my menu’s, it’s because it came from my garden.


Poached Eggs and Toast
Pancakes from the Freezer
Cherry Power Bars
Fig Muffins
Amish Baked Oatmeal
Pancakes (fresh batch, quadrupled for the freezer)


Va Voom Veggie Burgers and Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob
Egyptian Lentils and Rice, green salad, and Buttery Bread Machine Rolls
Pasta with Marinara, garden salad
Pizza Wraps, Homemade No Pudge Brownies (to take to a live outdoor concert)
Vegetarian Posole, Cornbread
Parmesan Lemon Herb Brown Rice, Baked Chicken Teriyaki, garden salad

2 quarts Wolfgang Puck Vegetable Broth $1.58
Tinfoil $.99
Pasta Sauce $.99
4 cans Tomatoes $1.56
2 lbs Starbucks Coffee $5.98
Marshmallows $.69
Large Vanilla Yogurt $1.68
Large Tub of Margarine $2.24
5 dozen medium eggs $4.29
½ lb of Bulk Powdered Milk $2.00
1.16 lbs of bulk TVP $1.66
Washing Soda (for Laundry Soap) $2.92
3.1 lbs Grapes $3.04
Fels Naptha Bar $1.12 (also for Laundry Soap)
1.5 lbs Tomatoes on the Vine $2.23
¾ of a lb of Bulk Dutch Cocoa $1.31
1 lemon $.48
2.8 lbs Bananas $1.64
2.6 lbs Apples $3.59
Vanilla Soy Milk $1.99
Quart Butter Milk $1.49
4lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $5.83
Large Soy Sauce $3.99
Stuffing $1.49
21 ounce Cherry Pie Filling $1.49
2 cans mushrooms $1.38
Kitchen Garbage Bags $.99

TOTAL $ 58.64


Emily said...

I stand in awe of your grocery skills. You did great this week. Where did you get that cheap powdered milk? I'm thinking of using it in recipes.

Therapy Mom said...

Way to go! We're working on getting under the $60 mark each week. I'm almost there!
Have you heard of the cookbook "More with Less"? It's a great cookbook done by the Mennonites with the premise of planning and making simple meals with the "basic" ingredients. I'd recommend going through it! It's really cut down our costs and made our meals healthier!

Linda said...

Great Menu. Thanks for all the recipes.

ConservaChick said...

That's a lot of vegetarian Gayle! Good for you! Hey, I think I'll post a frugal veggie favorite on your recipe swap. ~K

Mrs. Querido said...

I can't remember how I stumbled over to your blog...but I am glad I did! :) You are inspiring!

What do you do if you are someone who plans meals but rarely sticks to them? What I plan doesn't always sound good that day or Plus, I have really picky eaters. I am one of them.

Do you clip coupons or just shop sales?

If any of these questions were answered in a previous post, please just direct me to the link :)


Mrs. Q