Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crash, Bang, Boom

Crash is what my computer has done.

Bang is what my head is doing against the wall.

Boom is what I lowered when I told my husband that I covet one of these.

Aren't they cute?

As soon as I get our back-up computer working (it's a total antique but I'm so grateful to have it) and retrieve all my info on the old hard drive I'll get back to posting regularly. Should be a day or two.

I'm shopping for laptops so tell me which one you've loved the best.


Anonymous said...

I have an Acer. It is just okay. I have to be careful where I place my hands while typing because sometimes the cursor jumps backards a couple of lines and I find that I am typing over my existing document. Be sure to try before you buy. My husband bought me my laptop for Christmas so I can't complain. Grr I just had to Ctrl Z go get my typing back. Good luck. Diana

PS - Hope you get everything running by Monday. I love reading your Monday post.

Sharon-Momn4boys said...

The PINK one! Ok so the color is really not THAT important... but wouldn't it be cool.

Reformed Grits said...


Michele said...

I love my MacBook. We got their "cheap" basic model a year ago, and still love it. It was our first Mac. :)


Anonymous said...

I love my macbook too! We also have the basic

April said...

Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy a Toshiba. They have the worse customer service and will not honor their warranty. My screen broke up by the lock back in January and they still haven't fixed it(the laptop was only 2 months old).

The bad thing it, I love the laptop. It worked fabulous before the screen cracked.

I want a pink one!

Hallie said...

Get an apple!!

Lainie Rae said...

If your looking, I have a really nice slightly used Dell with and awesome case and remote mouse. My husband used it when he was recording secretary for his union at work. It has just been sitting ever since. It has the larger screen and keypad which makes it nice for typing. It is not very heavy. Anyhow, I was thinking of asking $400.00 for computer, extra mouse and case. Email me if you would like to take a look.

Kim said...

Last fall we got an HP Pavillion and love it. :-)