Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday and Weekly Shopping Trip

I got lots of questions from last weeks menu and one of the most popular question was where all the hamburger meat came from. So I tracked it down to a purchase on July 14 of 6 lbs of hamburger which I divided into 8 packages and froze individually. They came to about ¾ of a pound each. It took me all this time to use it up and as you’ll see by this weeks shopping trip, I had to replenish my meat supply. Other than that all I have as far as meat in my freezer are some drumsticks I found for a bargain a few weeks ago.

I’ve had to be creative this week. I didn’t plan very well and I agreed to take meals to two families that are either ill or recovering. I also volunteered to bring treats to a meeting on Thursday night and was assigned to bring soccer treats on Saturday.

So you’ll notice that I didn’t buy a whole lot. I’m using a lot of what I already have on hand and stretching my leftovers to create new things. Tonight’s dinner is a soup made from the leftover cabbage casserole from last week…which was amazingly good and even my kids didn’t know there was cabbage in it.

So here we go…


Amish Baked Oatmeal
German Pancakes

Snickerdoodle Muffins
Poached eggs and toast
Regular Oatmeal
Gingerbread Cookies (one of the b-day boys requested this for breakfast)


Soup made with Leftovers, Peasant bread
Ground Beef Casserole
, salad, buttery bread machine rolls (I’ll triple this and give two away and keep one for ourselves)
Brown rice and lentil casserole, salad
Crockpot Baked Potatoes with chili, sour cream, salsa or cheese for toppings
Baked Chicken, rice, garden veggies
Homemade chicken noodle soup (made with last nights leftovers) Peasant Bread
Leftover Night


Cupcakes for soccer team since it’s Malachi's birthday that day
Cinnamon Cookies for a meeting we are going to

A reader asked that I post where I got my groceries which I thought was a really good idea so that’s why you’ll see things broken down a little differently today.

S & S Grocery Liquidators

12 double rolls of Toilet Paper $4.99
3 Packages of Jello $2.07
2 cans of chili $1.18
3 cans diced tomatoes $1.17
3 cans Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup $1.77
Vegetable Steamer Spice Bag $.79

Grocery Outlet

20 lbs Gold Medal Flour $4.99 WOW!
25.5 oz Extra Light Olive Oil $4.99
Frosting $1.39
2 bags Pasta $1.58


5 lbs hamburger $8.63
Bulk Cinnamon $.92
Bulk Sugar $.88
5 dozen eggs $4.97
Bulk Garlic Powder $1.09
Bulk Cocoa $1.73
Cupcake Sprinkles $1.98
Bulk Chocolate Chips $5.47
Lettuce $1.78
3 Green Peppers $1.14
Apples $3.63
Lemon Juice $1.38
4 onions $1.30
2 lb cheddar Cheese $5.48
2 cucumbers $1.16
Bananas $1.66
Chili Powder $1.59

Total $69.71


Halfmoon Girl said...

Good job on using up what you already have. I tried your donuts today- you posted about them awhile back. My hubby LOVED them- said it reminded him of a dutch treat he used to have.

Miriam said...

I do that with hamburger, too :) You can't tell the difference in the baking/cooking.

Good job on the groceries!

Leslie said...

Just to let you know your baked chicken link goes to a flavored rosemary link. BTW I made the cottage cheese roast tonight and it was really good!!

Laura said...

Love the recipe links, one question though, do you use the recipes as they are or do you tweek them at all?

Brandy said...

I do the same thing with hamburger, I love how easy it makes dinnertime. Sometimes I will go ahead and make mini meatloaves or meatballs too.

EEEEMommy said...

You continue to inspire me and encourage me to keep pressing on! Love you, friend! :)

Gayle said...

I do tweak the recipes sometimes to make them lower fat, lower sodium or to substitute with ingredients i already have on hand.

Kelli said...

I want a grocery outlet!!!

Cori said...

I am so in awe of you! I'm trying really hard to learn from all of your tips & recipes.

Aliisa said...

Last week I tried your Mexican Rice Casserole recipe and it was a BIG hit with my family...thanks!! Yesterday I made the peasant bread and I have to really thank you for that one. I dont make bread because if there is a way to mess it up, I will find it. But this came out perfect and my family was very once again....THANK YOU!!

Kari Wright said...

Your recipe links are fabulous. We did the mexican rice casserole and the kids ate it up! lovely! today I did the crock pot potates and peasant bread...both outstanding and yummy. I mentioned you and your site in my post today.