Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip

Since I needed to plan fewer meals this week I figured that I would have a little padding in my budget to search out some meat deals and buy some toiletries. I found some chicken drumsticks marked with $2 off coupons so I grabbed as many as I could afford to stash in my freezer. I'm such a frugal dork that this was like hitting the lottery jackpot. They were practically giving them away, I tell ya!

3 loaves of bread
2 bags of mini-bagels

Total $4.70

25 cubes of chicken broth $.79
2 packages (16 cubes) of beef broth $.98

Total $1.77

4 boxes Mac & Cheese $1.00
8th Continent Soymilk $1.99
Frozen Blueberries $2.79
Cream Cheese $1.29
Bacon $1.49
8 Chicken Legs $1.93
8 Chicken Legs $2.63
8 Chicken Legs $2.41
2 cups grated sharp cheddar $2.29
2 bottles Shampoo $1.98
2 bottles Conditioner $1.98
3 packages of smoked sausages $4.99
Cotton Swabs $1.99
Total $28.76
Bleach $1.18
2 tubs of Vanilla Yogurt $3.56
Bulk Granola $3.40
Delsym Cough Medicine $6.96
Bananas $1.56
Hair Color $2.98
Bulk Pecans $1.57
Aussie Sprunch Spray $3.47
Vegetable Oil $1.98
Total $26.66
Grand Total $61.89


Amy said...

WOW!:) You did an amazing job, once again.

I am (relatively) new to your blog. I heard about you from Michele at My Blessings From Above, and I have passed your blog to several of my friends as well. We are all trying to live more frugally.

I appreciate all of your tips, examples, and advice. Tell your husband that he is a blessed man indeed.

God Bless,

Miriam said...

Way to go on the meat score! Love the pictures of the stores :)

Sarah said...

The store pictures were fun!

Way to go on all your chicken, that's awesome!

Stacey said...

I'm so jealous! That is totally NOT possible in Canada!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

You continue to inspire! Give yourself a pat on the back.

p.s. Thanks for showing us how you fit personal supplies into your budget.

Cyndy said...

I think you might have a better Grocery Outlet than we do. I'm usually a little disappointed when I go in there.
But Winco, Winco is the best!

I am very inspired by your blog, I've been lurking around for awhile and thought it was time to come out of hiding :).

Anonymous said...

Okay, I saw your grocery cart challenge posted on another blog and I had to come look to see how on earth you keep your grocery budget so low. Now I know - grocery outlets! Now I don't feel so bad! Our province doesn't even have a grocery outlet, so I have to just satisfy myself with sales and coupons. But your post did get me thinking about being more diligent! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

do you pay cash so you you know that you only have $60

Gayle said...

Yes, I do use cash when I shop but I also keep a running total of what I've spent from store to store so I know when I'm getting close to my limit and have to make some choices.

Beth K. said...

Hey, did you know that you can make yogurt in your crockpot? It would probably be cheaper than what you spent on yogurt. Just a thought....

Stephanie said...

I saw a link to your blog on the $5 dinner blog. I have now spend half the day reading a bunch of your post!! Great tips! Hope the boss doesnt find out this is what i do when i should be working :)

Karen said...

Holy cow! What an amazing trip. Unfortunately, in our town we have a very expensive IGA grocery store and a Super Wal-Mart.