Sunday, November 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

You know what? I think it's kind of funny the way things work out. I mean, I was just joking about THIS on my other blog...the whole senior citizens finding me hot thing. Truly, I was just joking around. Which makes it even more amusing that I got invited to talk on a radio show tomorrow about being frugal. And the name of the show? Hot Senior Tuesday!

No, really! I kid you not.

So if you want to hear me babble like a total dork because honestly, it's so much easier to talk to you all when I get to write it down and edit it first, then you are welcome to listen in on KEDO 1400 AM, Tuesday at 11 in the morning.

Now on with the show.


Blueberry Smoothies and Muffins from the freezer
Pancakes (doubled to stash in the freezer for busy mornings)
Bowls of sliced bananas, milk, and cinnamon
Poached eggs and toast
Waffles (doubled for the freezer)
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon


Stir Fry made from leftover sweet and sour sauce from last week, leftover chicken, carrots and broccoli, over rice.
Lentil Tacos with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce
Baked Chicken, corn, green salad
Leftover Night

Check back tomorrow to see how far my $60 streched.


Terri Steffes said...

I wish I could listen to you! I don't see birthday cake on your list... since it is my birthday today, I totally expected to see it. (JK) Hope your interview is fabulous!

heidi said...

Good luck on the radio show!

That Lemon Garlic Pasta is one of our favorites, here.

Stole the roll recipe for TONIGHT (nothing like plannign ahead LOL).

Unknown said...

I am so enjoying your blog and your sense of humor!

Manic Monday said...

hmmmm... menu plan monday. a great idea. thanks!

Katie Gregg said...

I like how many tasty vegetarian meals you included!

Lynn said...

I made the buttery bread machine rolls for dinner tonight. It's going to take an extreme amount of personal restraint to not eat them all later on tonight!!

Anonymous said...

I notice a lot of lemon things, but in your grocery shopping I didn't see any lemons. Do you have a hidden stash of lemons somewhere?

Gayle said...

No, no stash of lemons but I have a bottle of lemon juice that I bought last week.

Anonymous said...

the link to the lemon muffins goes to creamy tomato soup instead. What is the correct muffin link?

Gayle said...

The muffin link should be fixed now. Sorry about that guys. It looks like a good one.