Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Shopping Trip

I made a complete fool out myself today at the grocery store. I turned into one of those people that shares too much information with perfect strangers. Namely, the checker. But I had a perfectly good reason to go on and on and on so...wait for it.....

I got an 18.84 lb turkey today for $4.14!

Oh yay, baby!

That's a whole stinkin' giant turkey for the price of 2 pounds of hamburger.


And since I don't have to actually cook a turkey this Thanksgiving, I'm going to sock that bird away in my freezer until February, right about the time we start missing all the good food from the holidays and I can whip it out to have one last feast.

So....calming down now. Here's how the rest of the shopping went.

5 loaves of bread $4.70

3 pints of Whipping Cream $5.07
Toilet Paper $6.99
Graham Crackers $1.29
4 lemons $1.76
Frozen Blackberries $1.99
2 cans tomato sauce $1.00
2 bottles of Shampoo $1.98

Gallon Milk $2.48
Bleach $1.18
3 graham cracker crusts $3.06
2 boxes margarine $1.38
Unsalted butter $1.87
5.5 lbs Bulk unbleached flour $1.76
1.61 lbs Bulk Rolled Oats $1.01
3.64 lbs Bulk White Sugar $1.97
Hair Spray $3.47
Hair Color $2.98
Tub of vanilla yogurt $1.48
.26lbs Bulk Pecans $1.46
1 lb Pork Sausage $1.98
3 lbs Pie Apples $2.68
Bulk Chunk Milk Chocolate $1.38
3.5 lbs Eating Apples $3.06
2.28 lbs Bulk Brown Sugar $1.12
2 yellow onions $.93
.75 lbs Bulk italian seasoning $3.26
Bakers Chocolate $1.98
2.93 lbs Bananas $1.70
2.31 lbs Pears $1.57
18.84 lb Turkey $4.14
Grand Total $79.07

Not bad for a holiday full of pies. But when I went over my receipts I realized that I didn't buy any bulk italian seasoning. What I did buy was some bulk split peas at something like $.34 cents a pound but the lady typed in the wrong number and overcharged me by $3.
So guess what I get to do tomorrow?
Would you go back for 3 bucks?


Stephanie said...

I'd call the store and have them make a note and tell them you'll be back in on next Monday. It's worked for me before.

veronica said...

No, because the time, energy, and gas is not worth it. You don't really end up saving anything in the long run. At this time of year I have better things to worry about than 3 bucks.

Anonymous said...

I've gone back for less than $3 so go back.

Also,if you ever come across a turkey sale like that again, you might also consider asking them to cut the frozen turkey in half and freezing it that way. They can do it and you don't have to cook 20lbs of turkey all at once (unless you want to!)...just a thought.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sally said...

HECK YES, I would go back for $3, but I'd just wait til the next time you go to the store, unless you think they wouldn't refund it that much down the road.

And, PLEASE tell us HOW you got the turkey for so little...was it marked at that price??

By the way, I love your blog. I've been trying in the recent months to reduce our food budget (think $400/mo. for 2 adults and one infant - who's food I MAKE...too much eating out), but not it's critical that I do b/c the economy has eaten up my job, and tomorrow is my last day. But, I know I can do it w/ all the resources available to me online!

Pamela said...

I would go back and explain the situation to a manager and see if they will "give" you something for your troubles. I have noticed that stores are not doing this as much as they used to, but it never hurts to try.

I recently had a can of soup that when I opened it, had mold on top. It was not outdated, nor was it dented. I called the company and was told that they would replace the soup. They ended up sending me two $3 coupons for their products. It more than made up for what I lost.

Anonymous said...

Go back and get your money - it's yours! You would return it if you were overcharged, right?

I love your blog! :)

$5 Dinner Mom said...

How bout that turkey! Way to go girl!
And yes, go back for the $3! For sure!

Coco said...

SO my question is what were you so open about. I think it could make a lovely book.

I would so go back for 3 dollars. I am in fact debating 0.75 that the didn't take off from coupons.

Terri and Bob said...

Heavens, yes, I would go back! And, then I'd buy my Italian seasoning!

Lynn said...

I would probably go back if I could. For me it would not be worth the trip if I had to go just for that. I live to out in the country and it would not be worth the gas for a special trip. I would go back though if I was going to be near or going to that store again soon. Last time this happened to me I waited until my next shopping trip, which was the next week, and the store gave me a hard time. They said I should have come back quicker to correct the error. I hope you are able to get your $3 fixed. I love seeing what you are able to buy.

Amy said...

hi gayle! congrats on the terrific price of your turkey. i get very excited about deals-- just the other day i got a namebrand mp3 armband holder for $2.50- originally $25!! i know, not groceries, but still a deal to get excited about :) especially since it is a useful gift for my mom.

i would completely go back to get reimbursed for the error, provided that you would still come out ahead taking your gas expense into consideration. and shouldn't you just get the money back instead of an exchange? i love your blog- you inspire me! happy thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I would not go back ONLY for that. I would bring it along on my next shopping trip and ask for a refund. But yes! I would ask for $3 back!!! Absolutely!

Sarah said...

Heck yes I'd go back for 3 bucks! That's almost an entire Starbucks coffee!

That's how I rationalize coffee.

trucksr4gurls said...

heck yeah i'd go back, then (assuming i was gonna need it) i would buy $3 worth of the italian seasoning.

trucksr4gurls said...

oh yeah, woohoo! on the turkey! major score!

MamaFeelgood said...

I'd go back but I'd wait until my next trip and speak directly with the manager. In fact, I would probably call first, speak to the manager, and then remind him/her about our conversation when I talk to them.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes, I would like to know how in the world you got turkey for that much!!! I would go back if I had another reason to go shopping, but otherwise, I would phone ahead and leave it for next time.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would go back and get my refund and get yourself another one of those very cheep turkeys for later in the year

momstheword said...

I would probably go back if I could justify the time and gas by doing other errands.

BTW, I, too, got a turkey at Winco and paid about $6 for it (mine was about 23-24 pounds).

Trina said...

The store I do most of my shopping at, they know me by name. This has happened before and just tell them the next week I am in there and they fix it. Just last night I forgot to use about $5 in coupons, so I will get them to give me the money for them next time I go in.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'd call and tell them I'd be in on my next trip into town to get my $$ back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you also go back if they gave you too much change? If so, then it is fine to go back or ask for the $3 next week when you go.