Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip & Sour Milk Info

OK,I found a freakishly good deal this week. If you live in my area check Grocery Outlet's dairy case. I found 3 half gallons of 2% milk for a $1. The reason why they were marked down is because they had only 2 days left on the "sell by" date but milk, refrigerated properly, can last 7 days past this. Just try the good ole sniff test. And sour milk (milk that has become tart and thickened...not spoiled milk which is clumpy and rank) can be used. It's not going to make you sick. Yogurt and cheese are made with sour (fermented) milk. And, milk can also be frozen. Did you know that? It expands when you freeze it so you need to drain a bit out of the container. When you go to thaw it, just set it in the fridge for a few days and give it a good shake once it's a liquid again. The milk tends to separate when it freezes but you can mix it right back up.

4 loaves of bread and
1 bag of onion bagels $4.70

2 cans tomato sauce $.78
2 cans pineapple $1.58
2 cans of chili $1.18
double size can of spaghetti sauce $.69
double size can of tomato paste $.39
2 cans of mandarin oranges $1.38
1 can green beans $.39
6 bars of Dial soap $1.98
Starbucks Coffee $3.49

3 half gallons of 2% milk $1.00
5lbs ground beef $7.99
Cotton Swabs $1.99
Grated Cheddar $2.99
Cottage Cheese $1.99
4 double rolls of TP $2.99

3 lbs apples $2.10
3 lbs bananas $1.60
2 boxes margarine $1.78
5 dozen eggs $7.68
Broccoli Crowns $1.39
1/2 lb Bulk chicken soup base $1.51
3/4 lb Bulk powdered milk $2.00
3.5 lbs bulk granulated sugar $1.76
1/2 lb chocolate chips $1.24
Shredded mozzarella $2.76
margarine tub $.88

Grand Total $60.21
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Simon said...

Wow! Thanks for the specific tips regarding freezing milk. I had no idea.

As someone mentioned, the Superbowl is on regular network tv, on NBC. Bruce Springsteen is playing during half-time--in case you like his music.

Thanks again for all your wonderful tips.

Monica said...

I am a huge fan of freezing milk! When I can find it at a good deal I buy all that I can and store it in the freezer. This milk can usually last me a month or two easily. I've found that the lower in fat the milk, the better it freezes which works for us because we prefer skim:)

Terri and Bob said...

We love milk but we are cutting back due to the cost. We used to consume 3 gal a week (just the two of us!) and now it is 1/2 gal a week. We no longer drink it at meals and only cook with it or have it with cereal.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the tips on milk! I have asked my husband and Mom on several occassions if it is possible to freeze milk and they have both told me it wasn't possible. Thanks for letting me know that you can because now when I see a good deal on milk I will be sure to pick it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an awesome deal on milk. I freeze mine all the time also. Are you going to post mr. linky this week?

Latte said...

awww man no mr. linky?


Amanda said...

It's very rare that I have soured milk, as my son and I alone can go through two gallons a week (drinking plus baking/cooking).
I have always used my soured milk for baking if I have it, though. A frugal tip my grandmother taught me. My grandfather even eats clabbered milk and cornbread, blech! Or buttermilk and cornbread, also blech!

Debbie said...

My mom would use sour milk to make biscuits quite often :) No change in taste, if anything, they would rise more! For those recipes where it calls for you to add buttermilk or put some vinegar into your milk to sour it a bit are perfect for using that soured milk in! Not many people realize this and will just throw it out :( Such a sad waste...Thanks for sharing this tip with others..many do nto believe me when I tell them about it-lol!

McNew Family said...

Way to go, Gayle! Since Naya is the only one in our family that is lactose intolerant, and she can't drink an entire 1/2 gallon of milk before it expires (well, I'm sure if she had her choice, she would - but she doesn't need it!), we have divided and frozen her milk for months. Works great! Sour milk works in breads and cakes wonderfully!

Jennifer said...

I notice you buy a lot of eggs, but I don't see it often in your menus. how do you eat so many eggs? Do you snack on them, or is it lunches, or scrambled? I am just curious. They can be so good for you and I am always trying to kid my kids to eat more of them plain. I can't cook with them because my dd is allergic. Unfortunately no one likes them scrambled.

Gayle said...

Eggs? Well, I bake alot and if I'm not using the soy flour substitute then I use real eggs. We also like them hardboiled for lunch and sometimes when I haven't been able to get the meal ready in time for dinner we will just have scrambled eggs and toast.

rachelg said...

Great job!!

Blakely said...

My grandmother used to freeze milk all the time. I never really liked it, but I don't think she would let it defrost enough before serving it.

Maria D. said...

Seeing the Grocery Outlet picture always makes me homesick for the Northwest! (although I'm currently going to school in Oklahoma, I've lived in good ol' Washington State my whole life) We need a couple of Grocery Outlets down here!!

BEE said...


I just have to say thank you for your blog! I have been reading it for only about a week or two.

However, today I did my shopping for the week and I didn't spend $60 but I spent $75 (including Night Night diapers!!) which is probably HALF of what I normally spend!!

So, THANK YOU!! Your efforts HAVE made a difference to our family!!

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to see a grocery list of mostly ingredients versus processed foods. I don't think it's wrong to eat processed foods on occasion, but a diet full of them? Not so healthy.

You're doing great! I admire the different ways that you are saving money yet still eating healthy. Lyn

nanny said...

Thanks for the tip on milk, I pour it out,,,what a waste.
I did know that buttermilk is great to cook with after date. Makes good cornbread after sours.

Janelle said...

I have frozen milk before, and never had a problem with it. Another tip that I've used, and it really does seem to work, is to add a pinch of salt to the carton as soon as it even begins to start to turn. I don't know what the reason is, but I've done this and the milk really did seem to last longer. You have to do it early on, though, not when it's really getting sour.

My best deal this week was 5 boxes of flavored Quaker Instant Oatmeal (my kids love it) for $1.90. This was with $1 printable coupons and a store special of save $3 on 5 Quaker items. It was a reasonable splurge. :)

Andrea said...

I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I love your blog and you have helped me out tremendously. Please visit my site to grab icon and learn whatcha need to do.

Kasey Hunt said...

Thanks for the tips. I didn't know you could freeze milk. New to your blog. Fabulous!!! Great job.

Cat said...

Actually, if you're in the northwest, Fred Meyer regularly has milk on sale. You need a coupon, but you can get them at the customer service desk, or ask the cashier for the coupon (ads are online at Half gallons of milk for $1, or a gallon for $2 is the usual sale, with a limit of 4-5 gallons.