Monday, February 23, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

This week we are instituting something new in the house. Being homeschoolers and having a daughter who is interested in broadening her cooking horizons, we have decided it would be fun to have Allegra cook one meal per week. So she picked Taco Salad and Rocky Road Candy. I guess we'll work on nutrition later, huh? Because of this I had a few more exotic ingredients on my shopping list this week, like taco sauce, marshmallows, chocolate bars....I'm not complaining. This could be a really good thing and a night off of cooking for me. Good stuff.

S & S Liquidators

4 onions $1.00
bag of mini marshmallows $.79
4 chocolate bars $1.96
4 bags of fresh cranberries $1.00
5 roma tomatoes $1.00
1 english cucumber $1.00
Salsa $.99
3 cans veggies $1.17
tomato paste $.33
4 treats for the kids $.99
2 bags Starbucks whole bean coffee $5.00

Grocery Outlet

Corn chips $2.99
Pasta $.99
frozen peas $.79
frozen corn $.79
2 containers feta cheese $3.18
nail polish remover $.99


Lemon Juice $1.58
sour cream $.98
vegetable oil $2.22
2 lbs cheddar $3.98
frozen blueberries $1.98
frozen raspberries $1.98
1/2 lb bulk dried strawberries $1.77
1/2 lb bulk bulgar wheat
31 packets of bulk Equal $.93
2 lbs bulk brown sugar $.99
taco sauce $1.78
1/4 lb bulk walnuts $.84
garlic bulbs $.78
1 lb bulk chocolate chips $1.43
1 lb bulk granola $1.52
head lettuce $1.28
leaf lettuce $1.48
turkey ham $3.47
1/2 cup bulk flax meal
5 lb potatoes $1.48
5lbs sugar $2.69
pickles $2.98

Grand Total $61.69

How did your grocery gathering go this week?


Karen said...

Too many things going on made my unprepared grocery buying a bomb this week! I couldn't even make it to S&S for my Starbucks, but it looks like the price went up??? I think you were very smart to let your daughter have a cooking night! I've taught all my kids to cook, the youngest are learning, but so far, I've got some great cooks for kids. When I'm old and need my soup, they can make it for me, right? Karen

Karen said...

Oops, I just reread and noticed that it was $5. for 2 bags, I thought I read one bag. Well, that was good to see!

Rhonda in OK said...

great job of shopping and your boys are adorable.

Terri and Bob said...

That is awesome. And having your girl cook, too cool. Lots of lessons in cooking!

Maria D. said...

I'd love to know at which store you got those adorable kids! ;-)

km said...

Looks like you did great. The cranberries were a steal. I'll be waiting to see what you do with them

autumn said...

I love your blog! Just wanted to stop by and tell you I gave you an award on my blog and to keep up the good work!

Stacy said...

That is so exciting she wants to help =) My girl helps me now with some things, but i hope to give her a night a week when shes older too :)

mom said...

I homeschool too. Mine are 11 & 10. I let them take the grocery ad & find a meal for $10. I figure this is a good lesson in life.

PJs Til Noon said...

Been too busy to get one good shopping trip in this week, which means more gas and I'm more likely to spend more in several trips. Gotta get my butt in gear...
Good luck with your daughter cooking. If she loves it this could turn into a regular night off for you. Yay you!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a free tool that finds recipes for leftovers!

Anonymous said...

OMG, those kids are so adorable - where can I buy a few of those?!?!?

Tonja said...

That is awsome your daughter wants to start cooking!

I gave you an award over on my blog! Happy Wednesday!

Rhonda said...

My kids also take turns cooking a meal each week. They love it (all five of them work together on it). They do always seem to find recipes that take some crazy ingredients that I don't have in what I consider to be a well-stocked pantry and freezer! As homeschoolers, I have found getting the kids in the kitchen is a great addition to our education too!

Piper Paradise said...

would love the recipe for Rocky Road Candy if you could!

Material Mommy said...

I just want to mention that, for mommies of babies < 12 months old, enfamil is a great place to receive coupons, if you use that brand... I always get a few $5 off coupons a month and that really helps on baby formula! :]

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

You always do so well.

Debtfreejourney said...

I LOVE how you itemize your grocery list with the prices...I then do my own grocery shopping and compare it to your prices! It is helping me keep my bill down a lot....THANK YOU!!


noahandlylasmommi said...

I spent about $120 this week on groceries which will last us two weeks. It was a little higher than normal because I am throwing a baby shower and had to buy some things for that. I went to Grocery Outlet last week to check it out after seeing the great deals you get there. I was really surprised at the amount of Organic items they have.

Sarah said...

This is so neat to me; it's fun to see that you plan down to earth meals with normal ingredients that you buy at places like Winco - it gives me hope that I can keep cutting down our grocery budget. As a young working wife without kids but really involved in ministries outside of our home, I have found it difficult to make time to shop for staples at multiple places and prefer one-stop shopping of possible. I tried multiple stores at one point but got too frustrated and never had a good enough memory for knowing which stores had the better deals anyways. But Winco, Costco, and weekly farmer's markets are my lifesaver, as well as meal planning each week. I'm working to establish good habits now before we have kids and I think it's working! For my husband and I and our two cats and frequent dinner guests, our bill is typically 30-50 a week. It's cool to see you feed your larger family on just a bit more than that. Thanks for posting, it's a great encouragement and challenge to me!