Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm so ready for spring. We are gearing up to start our seeds inside over the next couple of weeks. Planning a new fence around the garden too. (Sorry elk and deer, I'm totally winning the battle this year. You'll have to find something else to destroy.) I can't wait for all the fresh salad greens, homegrown green beans, sun warmed tomatoes. Mmmm. In the meantime, I'm digging out all the weird grains hidden in the back of my cupboards to try some new things. Last week I also happened upon a sale for whole chickens at $.79 per pound and picked up two of them. So we'll be having one of those this week.

Here's what's cooking.

Crockpot Whole Grain Breakfast Cereal with dried fruit and brown sugar


Whole crockpot chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (with leftover chicken carcass) with Buttery Bread Machine Rolls
Taco Salad and Rocky Road Dessert (daughter is cooking tonight) from BH & G cookbook
Dinner at my Mom's but I'm bringing the rolls
Quiche (doubled) with easy quiche crust and fruit
Leftover night

Check back tomorrow to see how far I stretched my $60 budget and link up and tell the rest of us about your recent grocery shopping trip. And don't forget to wander over to see more Menu Plans here.


Sharon said...

Great menu!
I've been planning to try quinoa but have yet to do so. Quinoa pudding, huh? Interesting.
Have a good week & thanks for sharing!

Trisha said...

I am awaiting my first packages of heirloom seeds to arrive by mail and feel like a kid at Christmas! I am looking forward to a garden full of FREE food!

Jodi said...

So excited about the quiche recipe! The crust is very similar to an easy crust I make, but less fat and calories! I can always count on you for great recipes--thanks.

km said...

Often I see your prices lower than I could find around here. Sometimes that's just based on where you live, but I found chickens for 77cents a pound yesterday and I bought 2.

Blakely said...

I found a organic whole chicken for $0.59 LB Friday night. Only one looked good enough to purchase so I bought it. It was good.

Millie said...

The crock pot breakfast cereal sounds good. I've made something similiar with just wheat. I look forward to hearing how yours turned out. I'm always looking for new crock pot ideas.

Brooke said...

gonn have to borrow that quiche recipe!

Nicole said...

I can't believe I found your blog. We have a similar story, and have been led by the Lord to a position that will lessen our income considerably. I am up for the challenge, but was wondering how I was going to do it. This blog is a gift. Thank you for the specific "how to" posts. I was thinking I was going to decrease our weekly spending by $20 each week until I hit my goal. We don't have the stores around us like you do, but I think I can cut our budget by at least 1/3, hopefully more with diligence. Sorry for the lengthy comment, I am just seriously encouraged!

karen said...

I just have to say...thank you for linking to the buttery bread machine rolls recipe! We tried them tonight, and they were GREAT!!!!

Arden said...

How do you manage yogurt? In my area it's super expensive, even the tubs at Walmart are the same price per cup as the individual servings, and with 8 kids eating it, the cost per meal for breakfast goes through the roof.

Gayle said...

I usually buy plain starter yogurt when I can find it cheap and use it to make my own batches at home. If you do a search you'll find my yogurt recipe on here.