Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

I'm noticing that prices are really going down on dairy products. A block of cheese was costing close to $7 just a few months ago and now it's under $4. And milk was close to $4 a gallon and is now under $2 on a pretty consistent basis. Although gas is up. (sigh) How are things looking in your area?

I found some amazing produce deals. I love fresh ginger but it's so expensive. I found a huge amount for a buck and I'll have to get creative to use it up. I also found 2 packs of strawberries for an awesome deal. I love it when I can get the fresh stuff so cheap!

S & S Liquidators

4 bags of pretzels (kid treats) $1.96
2 large cans of spaghetti sauce $1.38
8 apples $1.00
2 huge ginger roots $1.00
3 cans of veggies $1.17
15 lb potatoes $1.99
2 cartons of strawberries $1.50
1 bunch of bananas $.50

Grocery Outlet

Garbage bags $.99
razors $.99
4 toothbrushes $1.98
frozen peas $.79
Frozen french fries $1.99
2 cups shredded mozzarella $1.99
Gallon Milk $1.99
4 packs of franks $2.00
2 pkgs. ground turkey $1.98
Ketchup $2.99
Romano $1.99
Instant potatoes $.99
Canned olives $.79
Pork sausage $1.29


1/2 lb Bulk baking powder $.64
2.5 lbs bulk brown sugar $1.42
25 lbs flour $7.78
paper napkins $1.68
Tomatoes $1.77
Orange Juice $.98
Strawberry Yogurt $1.78
2 lb cheddar cheese $3.98

Grand Total $54.28

If you 'd like to share your shopping trip with the rest of us just jump right in but please remember to link directly to your post, not your homepage, and to provide a link back to the Grocery Cart Challenge. This linky is just for your shopping trip. The recipe swap is on Fridays.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have a GREAT giveaway starting on Wednesday so be sure and check back.


ruthieredneck said...

You can freeze any unused ginger just as is. When you need some cut off a chunk, peel and use as needed. Great way to save a buck!

Lynn said...

I am posting a tip tom. (Tues) of how I freeze fresh ginger. It must be more expensive in the NW. It really is not a bad price here.

Lacey said...

Love your blog! I often buy fresh Ginger and mince it up and freeze it. I have never had any problems using it after freezing it.

The Rinkels said...

You can freeze the ginger (peel it first) and grate it into recipes when you need it.

KARIMA said...

Grate the ginger and freeze it.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Freezing the ginger also makes it MUCH easier to peel.

Maddy said...

I do the peel the ginger and then freeze it in a baggie thing. Then you just take out what you need and grate it frozen. Works well.

KC said...

My Goodness the money I could save on groceries if we had prices like yours! I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada and we pay over $7 for a gallon of milk. Gas is also 80.9 a litre ( X by 4 for a gallon ). I wish I lived close to the border.
Thanks for the great site I lovew to visit!

Terri and Bob said...

I didn't know about freezing ginger. Now I want to go and get some! I haven't noticed anything about milk yet (maybe midwest prices are cheaper) but gas is $2 a gal again.

Lynn said...

Here is the post I did on freezing ginger. I hope it helps.

Rhonda said...

I've used grated fresh ginger in pumpkin muffins before. It lends an exotic background flavor. I also top the muffins with finely chopped candied ginger.

Meghan said...

Dairy farmers are getting paid half of what they were receiving last year. Grocery stores largest markup is in the dairy case. The dairy farmers are getting ripped off and how many other people take pay cuts like farmers do?

Personally I prefer that the price goes back up. We are lucky to have "cheap" food compared to other countries and if farmers did not do their job it would be far worse. Farmers can't work for nothing and keep it up. Sorry if it sounds like a whiny comment but you obviously had no idea why the cost of dairy products went down...crappy economy. Hopefully it gets better.

rachelg said...

Great job! I too am noticing the price of dairy coming down thank goodness!

Frugal in Florida said...

Just making sure that everyone knows you can freeze the ginger in a ziploc ... I think it's easier to grate that way too.

Anonymous said...

I have notice Dairy going down a bit, but the best I've seen on a gallon of milk is 2.79, ugh.

I love using fresh ginger, here is a link to my fav recipe using ginger.

Yarni Gras! said...

good grief....milk is still almost 5 bucks a gallon here.....and don't even get me STARTED on the cost of eggs........

Halfmoon Girl said...

I have started to just not buy things like I used too, as they are just too expensive unless they are on sale- butter, being one of them, along with ice cream. I don't think dairy is going down in my area at all, but then, we don't have big box stores with lower prices.

Anonymous said...

If you go to this site today you will see her post on what to do with your ginger. said...

you can freeze ginger in a ziplock and use it for a very long time. hope this helps. Sarah

Annalisa said...

I wish I could click on your pictures to actually "see" what you buy every week!

Kelli said...

grocery prices haven't really gone down here. Gas is still somewhat down at $2 a gallon though, YAY!

Anonymous said...

And I was feeling happy (Ok a little like I was a super-shopper) last week when I got 5lbs of potatoes for 1.50...guess not! Good for you! And the giant flour, I have never seen a bag that big!!

Of course, I agree with everyone else, ginger can be frozen. I just freeze the piece whole and peel/grate frozen.


Anonymous said...

I peel and cut up my ginger and then freeze it in a ziploc bag. Then it is all ready to use whenever I make a recipe with fresh ginger in it!

Penny @ Wicked Broke said...

This is my first time in joining the grocery cart challenge. Scored some great deals this week. Milk is still pretty high in my area but earned 3 free gallons when I purchased cereal this week.