Monday, April 20, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up - Yeah, that's what I'm talkin 'bout!

  1. I REALLY love and appreciate my husband.
  2. No worries, I've got plenty of pepto bismal in the cupboard for the next day.
  3. Note to self: This is why you always build your menu around what you already have, not completely from store bought ingredients and definitely not from cravings.
My husband and I are on this $60 a week grocery plan together. We're a team. We entered in with complete agreement on the budget and the sacrifices...and the beans. Fortunately I married a man who isn't a complainer either. Even when I cook something and he doesn't like it, very seldom will he tell me. The only clues I have are when he says, "Honey, maybe we shouldn't make this one again." and he's probably only said that to me twice in nearly 15 years of marriage.

So he totally deserves steak and all the trimming for his birthday dinner.

But I have to say, I nearly puked when I saw the register receipt this week. I just had to keep saying.....I Love This Man, I Love This Man. We are going to have to have breakfast at 7AM to get all this eating in.

For breakfast he requested (and this is exactly his words):

Starbucks Coffee
OJ and V8
Scrambled eggs with chunky salsa
rye toast soaked in butter
5 sausage links
shredded hash browns

For Lunch:

Artichoke and sun dried tomato pizza and vanilla coke. (I'll purchase this pre-made at a later time)

For Dinner:

garlic mashed potatoes
steamed broccoli
garlic toast
pink lemonade
dense chocolate dessert with cool whip

(you'll find recipes in yesterday's post)

So here's how it went....

S & S

5 yellow onions $.99
2 bags of Starbucks coffee $5.00
2 heads of broccoli $1.00
3 cucumbers $1.00
6 kiwi $1.00
6 tomatoes $1.00
1 jumbo can refried beans $.99

Grocery Outlet

2 cartons vanilla soy milk $1.98
large pitted olives $.79
4 double rolls TP $2.99
Toothpaste $.99
jumbo pack of chicken thighs with $2 off coupon $1.96
shredded Parmesan $1.99
rotini $.99
macaroni $.99


2 packages of sirloin steaks (about 8) $10.76
Strawberry Yogurt $1.68
frozen orange juice $.98
gallon milk $1.98
frozen pink lemonade $.84
kosher salt $2.06
2 lbs Monterrey jack $3.98
2 lbs cheddar $3.98
whipped topping $1.18
2 cream cheese $1.96
breakfast links $5.58
V-8 juice $2.98
frozen hash browns $2.34
5 dozen eggs $6.95
1/2 lb bulk toasted oat cereal $.87
fresh basil $.48
1.5 lbs bulk oats $.66
Salsa $2.48
3.25 lbs apples $2.14
Real butter $1.98
5lb red potatoes $2.68
2 lb carrots $.98
2.75 lbs bananas $1.60

Grand Total $84.78 + pizza and pop later

I'm going to enjoy every beautiful bite.

How did your shopping trip go this week?


EEEEMommy said...

You still did fabulous, friend!!! You could easily have spent $85 on just that days' meals!!!

EEEEMommy said...

P.S. I just had to tell you...I thought of you when I was at the Cincy convention. There was a couple there who was speaking, boasting that they feed their family of 6 on $350/month. I told Chris, Gayle does it for around $240. You've got "America's Cheapest Family" beat by $100 bucks, chica!!! Way to go! :)
(I almost went up and told them, but I didn't want to burst their bubble). Here's their website:

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

wow. Yesterday I bought a packet of chicken thighs almost exactly the same size.

It was 10 dollars.

We obviously have gold plated chickens in Australia.

Oh and enjoy your meal, sometimes it is worth it to splurge.

Anonymous said...

have fun and enjoy the birthday with your husband! oh and how did you get $5 Starbucks coffee?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the splurge and enjoy the day! I love birthdays--especially other peoples' days!!!


Rhonda in OK said...

Happy birthday to your DH.

and You got a deal on that steak.
I know you will all enjoy it

Katie said...

I am so jealous of the starbucks cofee. that is an awsome deal!

Amy said...

Those S&S prices are less than half what I pay! I also can't get over your price for dairy. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Just think about what you would have spent if you and he had went out to eat just a birthday steak dinner...probably alot more than the extra 25 bucks you spent on groceries this now you also have leftovers!!

April in CT said...

I'm always in awe of the cheap prices you pay. If you lived in our area you'd have a heart attack each time you grocery shop...I know I do. I can't even get an off brand of coffee that cheap and all the other low prices you So enjoy that meal, you deserve it as much as your DH! Happy Birthday to him. :)

momofgandj said...

This is great!! I hope that you savor the meal! How great you are to cook all three meals for request!