Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Last week I tried out a soymilk recipe and had so much fun doing it. Unfortunately my husband said it tasted like white water. Back to the drawing board. I'm going to try a new recipe and give it one more shot before I concede to the Soymilk industry.

I'll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I have a gallon of "white water" in the fridge that I've been using up in pancake batter and muffins. I just don't have it in me to waste it.

Plus I'm left with a bunch of the leftover soybean pulp called Okara which I'll be using to make some mock crab cakes for lunch sometime this week. I'll be loosely following THIS recipe.

So this is how the shopping trip went today...

S & S Liquidators

Cottonelle TP $4.99
Ziploc Bags $1.99
2 bags of coffee $5.00
2 cans chili $1.18
2 cans Spaghetti Sauce $1.00

Grocery Outlet
Cotton Swabs $1.99
Green Beans $.69
Whole Chicken $5.49
Shredded Cheddar $1.99
2 lbs Sea Shell Pasta $1.49
2 lbs Spaghetti $1.69
Milk $1.99
Vanilla Soy Milk $1.99
Salsa $2.49


White sugar $2.74
2 cucumbers $.96
Strawberry Yogurt $1.78
Apples $1.93
Bulk Sea Salt $.14
Roma Tomatoes $1.64
Bulk Oats $.38
Ground Turkey $1.58
Margarine $.78
Bulk Garlic Power $.88
Vegetable Oil $1.48
Brown Sugar $1.28
2 lbs carrotts $.98
10lb Potatoes $2.28

Grand Total $55.73

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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Have you ever tried making rice milk? I'm going to be trying to make some in the next couple of days. I have a severe allergy to both milk and soy so I have to drink the rice milk. I really don't like paying almost $4 a quart though. I'm hoping the homemade version has a bit more taste to it too.

Becky said...

I've been experimenting with soymilk also. I just do 1 cup of soaked beans to 3 cups of water, blend it, then boil it for about 20 minutes, then strain it. I started adding a little salt and vanilla, while I'm boiling it, it seems to help. And then I just add a little sugar at the end to taste. And if you make only small batches, lest waste if it doesn't work out. About 1/2 cup dry makes close to 1 quart. Good luck!

Shelly said...

Here's the link to my shopping trip:

We only drink soymilk or rice milk in our house. It is more "watery" than milk and took us about a week to adjust to the taste, but now we love it. Our WalMart has them for pretty cheap, about $2.30, which is half the price at the big chain grocery stores.

Jennifer said...

You are so creative! Way to use up all your leftovers!

GeeksWife said... has a video on how to make soy milk form scratch. Though the recipe sounds similar to the one you tried. You could watch it and see.
Oh and thank you for the crockpot recipes in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd let you know that I spotted some soy milk on the shelf at my local Dollar Tree. I'm also in the pacific northwest, so you might be able to find it at your local Dollar Tree too.

Vanessa said...

Here's how I did shopping for 11 people for memorial day weekend. I don't think I did to bad.

Here's my weekly shopping not to bad since it is after vacation.

Danielsen5 said...

I make my own rice milk and hey, even the "real" deal is watery : ) You are on the right track with cooking. I only use rice milk and I only use it for cooking. Milk isn't as healthy as everyone thinks, I mean do you see cows or other mammels drinking milk? LOL Anyway, we do allergy free/sugar free cooking here and we don't miss milk at all and I love seeing the kids drink lots of water (to bad there is floride in it though - thats another story though).

Blessings, Beth Ann

Amy said...

Mr Linky seems to be having issues again so here's my grocery trip.

I'd like to try making my own rice milk also (dairy and soy allergies here). There's a recipe in the Nourishing Traditions book that I think might be light fermented also. I'll have to check it out again.

Milehimama said...

Here's my weekly trip:
Food Stamp Challenge week 21

Rhonda in OK said...

week 21 of 2009

I've made soap from hamburger grease but I never even thought of making rice or soy milk - wow!

Anonymous said...

I am a big proponent of eating healthy. I do, however, advise you to do your own research on soymilk. A very good friend of mine is a wife to an Oxford chemist. He is adamant in saying that men and boys should not drink soy. He explained to me that in a man's body it can act like estrogen does in the female body. I haven't done a lot of research myself but perhaps you might want to. Also he went on to add that in the UK babies can not get soy formula without a prescription. Just some food for thought. I do love your blog!:)

Danielsen5 said...

Amen to the soy milk comment on soy and boys. If to much soy is taken in by prepubesent girls it can also send them through early puberty!

As for the fermented rice milk recipe, my son also has yeast allergy, so nothing fermented for him. I have a rice milk recipe on my blog that is just plain rice! LOL I found it in an allergy free/sugar free cookbook by Mary Yoder. This book has changed our lives! My blog is

Blessings, Beth Ann

Sonshine said...

Great job!

I do not think I would be up to the challenge to make soymilk. Hope you have some success.

here is my shopping for the week.

Hoosier Homemade said...

Seems like Mr. Linky is really having issues this week.
You are very brave, I would never tackle soymilk.
Thanks for hosting!
Aldi Grocery Shopping


Anonymous said...

I would also caution you against soy products. I have read that soybeans are almost 100% GMO....and I'm not sure how safe those are.

I ate a lot of soybeans in my 20's and got thyroid cancer in my 30's. Soy can also be an endocrine disrupter.


Lisa said...

I did two shopping trips this week.