Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We were on our way to church this morning and took a detour to the ocean instead. We don't normally act that spontaneous but it was kind of fun. So here I am, back home and planning my menu too late at night...but it was worth it.

We stopped for fish and chips (on a very limited budget) and managed to feed all 6 of us at an actual sit-down restaurant for $39. Just so you know that we aren't all light eaters, the teen on the right has been known to eat 7 hot dogs in one sitting. His little brother on the left is eager to catch up. It's no small feat to feed these growing boys along with the rest of us, on a budget of $60 a week.


Costco copycat muffins, sausage links, and OJ
Poached eggs, toast and fruit
Yogurt Parfaits
Leftover Pancakes from the freezer


Pizza Roll Ups, Brownies, Pop (kids are having friends over)
Redneck Casserole, corn on the cob
Spaghetti, steamed broccoli, Peasant Bread
Chicken and Veggie Soup (leftover carcass) Homemade French Bread
Baked Potato Bar
Leftover Night!

For more great menu's go visit organizing junkie!

Check back tomorrow to see how the $60 budget stretched. It's a tight week so I'm hoping to come in well under budget.


Amy said...


I love your blog. Like you, I am a big fan of Amy Dacyzyn, and have been feeding my family similarly to your method for almost 20 years. I grew up in Longview, and the Daily News article was how I heard about you. Do you ever get to Portland? (Specifically Troutdale, which is a northeast suburb near the gorge.) There is a retail store on Marine Drive that sells super cheap canned goods and cleaning supplies and a whole lot else (e.g.cereal for $1.25, canned beans and tomatoes 45 cents). It is in the Frontier Mission building and is a fund-raiser for the mission. If you ever take your kids to Multhomah Falls or any other of the Gorge waterfall hikes, plan it so you can stop by the store. You will be blown away by the prices.

Keep up the great work,


Donna said...

Have you posted before about lunches? Just curious as to how you do lunches! :-)
The beach looks beautiful!!! sounds like my kind of detour!

Ruthie said...

Great menu! Amazing to think all of those recipes will cost about $60 - hope you come under this week!

Gayle said...


I get the lunch question alot. Here's the post that answers it.

SavvySuzie said...

Great menu! I think I am going to try the Redneck Casserole with my family, it's definitely comfort food :) Have you made the peasant bread before? I tried it and it didn't quite come out right, not sure if I did something wrong....

JeannaMO said...

I wanted to thank you for referencing your "Peasant Bread". I know I've seen you post that item before on your menu, but I never looked it up.

I am starting a class for our Church High Schoolers called "Our Daily Bread" and I will be teaching them to bake homemade bread and having some devotional time and prayer. This is the PERFECT recipe because they don't have to do all that kneading, etc. Its just a basic, easy recipe. Plus it makes 2 loaves and I can let them work in two's. I think we will start with this easy loaf of homemade bread. It can rise while we are at Church and then they can take home the unbaked loaves and bake at home! Thanks so MUCH!

Stephanie said...

Oh I am totally making the redneck casserole! I love that!

We made a beeline to the beach as well this week. Sometimes it is fun to do something out of the ordinary!

angelina said...

You are an inspiration to me- I have always tried to do groceries on $100 or less a week...we have 6 also... $60 is an awesome goal.....thanks!

Michelle said...

as always, your meals look incredible. thanks for the constant inspiration.

Steph (My Country Haven) said...

Sounds like a great menu this week! I love seeing what all you end up buying each week! Keep up the awesome job!