Monday, July 27, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

I found that I had lots of produce either leftover from last week or growing in my garden (yahoo) so I didn't have to buy those things. Also I had a meaty chicken carcass from last week that will be used up this week.

AND, it's stinkin' hot here. We're talking 108 today when an average summer is in the 70's and 80's around here. So I caved and bought pre-made very un-frugal Popsicles today because the only energy I have left is used for sweating and that alone is exhausting.


3 loaves of bread, 1 bag of bagels, 1 bag of English Muffins $4.70

S & S Liquidators

3 bottles of dressing $1.00
2 bags of chocolate chips $1.98
Olive Oil $3.99
Starbucks Coffee $2.00

Grocery Outlet

TP $2.99
razors $1.99
Soap $.99
Linguine $.99
Feta $1.59
Parmesan $1.99
2 bottles lemon juice $1.98
Olives $.79
2 breath sprays $1.98

Bulk Sea Salt $.11
5 dozen eggs $3.98
2 sausage links $1.96
Yogurt $1.78
Bulk brown sugar $1.64
Bulk white sugar $1.92
Deodorant $1.98
Broccoli $1.92
Ice cream push-ups $2.48
Fudgesicles $2.38
Bulk granola $2.07
Margarine $1.98
Bananas $1.90

Grand Total $55.06

If you'd like to show the rest of us how your shopping trip went this week, please do!

  • Please link directly to your shopping post, not your homepage.
  • Please include a link from your post back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Michelle said...

Ugh! 108?! That is just not right! Stay cool and no one can blame you for buying popsicles! Our dog loves them - maybe Tucker needs a treat ;>)

Mrs. Querido said...

Oh Gayle I feel your are right above us and we are supposed to hit 105-degrees today! Acck! Thank God for AC!

Stay as cool as possible!


Jami said...

Oh Gayle, I wish I had a S&S Liquidators around here - Nestle chocolate chips for .99! Coffee for $2! Then maybe I wouldn't need to use coupons either. Their prices are really lower than Grocery Outlet...

Abby... the Oregonian said...

grocery gal... we also live in the nw and are sweltering. we do not have ac in our 70's style split level. the basement offers some relief, but that is slipping away as the days continue to stay hot. my question is how do you deal with the "life" that gets in the way... specifically these hot days when your kitchen is 95 degrees and you just don't/can't or won't cook. one's family can only have cold cereal so many days in a row. i am on a quest to pay off debt in the next year or so, but keep finding that these little "life" instances just keep getting in the way. do i just need to accept this is a slow process??? or am i doing something wrong???

love your blog,

abby osborn

Duckygirl said...

Did you happen to try out the method for pricing whether toilet paper was a good deal or not?? (the one you linked to) I tried it last time I shopped and the only I found that even came close was super thin looking 1 ply (think public bathroom)

Just wondering...

Gayle said...

Yeah, that's about all I find too. But I can find the good stuff for about $.02 per square foot and that's still good.

Cassie said...

Hey! I have a somewhat stupid question. How did you find the grocery liquidators in your area? I have never seen any where I live (outside KC), but I was wondering if you know of a way to hunt them down? Thanks!