Sunday, July 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - It's Totally Hot!

When the summer months hit I usually plan my menu around the weather. Last week we had a few rainy cool days before it started to heat up to the 90's. This week, we're talking heat, heat and more heat. In an effort to keep it cool, I've planned lots of cold meals that I can put together early in the day and just pull from the fridge in the evening.

I'm also going to whip up a batch of Whole Wheat Honey dough and keep it in the fridge this week. Each morning I'll pull off what I need for that days bread. I'll be making rolls, breadsticks and loaves with it this week. I'll just shape it in the morning, let it have one rise, and then bake it early in the day before the house heats up.


Toast with homemade jam and fruit
Yogurt, Berry and Granola Parfait
Pancakes with Homemade Syrup
Scrambled eggs and toast
Leftover pancakes or muffins


Cheese Tortellini Pesto Pasta Salad (homemade Pesto made with my garden basil) Peasant Bread
No Mayo Waldorf Salad, Whole Wheat Honey Rolls
Chef Salad with thick sliced Whole Wheat Honey Bread and garlic butter

Go see more delicious menus at Organizing Junkie.


SavvySuzie said...

Thanks for that bread recipe! I love the idea of keeping the dough handy in the fridge to bake up each day. I'm going to try it this week!!

Sara said...

I think I'm going to start coming to your house for meals. Thanks for the great menu-planning ideas!

Honey said...
Here's a great recipe to use your garden ingredients and not heat up your kitchen!

Becca said...

The crockpot rotisserie chicken sounds so good and the recipe is simple, thanks! :)

Marcie Scott said...

Did you know that you can start your roasted chicken from frozen in the crockpot!

dddiva said...

I'm with Sara it all looks good I would be happy to come for dinner.

HappilyDomestic said...

Today is my first day on Menu Plan Monday. I saw your link and so came to check it out. I have a goal for my family of 5 (about to be 6) to spend only $70 a week on groceries (including household goods)...So, I will be checking back for inspiration. I did my first $70 shopping trip today and it was HARD! I did snag some real good deals though. :-) If you want to check out my menu plan & shopping trip, you can visit my blog at: HappilyDomestic.Blogspot.Com

AudreyO said...

We try really hard to use the crockpot once a week for at least one meal. That is one of the simplest recipes I've ever seen :)