Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Any Tips For This Reader?

I got this in my e-mail this evening and thought I'd send it out to see if anyone can help.

Hi Gayle,

My family and I live in SW Washington, where I shop exclusively at WinCo. I know from your blog that you shop there too, as the other major grocery chains are TOO expensive. We are to be moving to Wenatchee in the next several months and I found out that there is not a WinCo there. I was wondering if you know or could ask your readers if they know what the cheapest stores are for groceries in that part of the state? I have never been an ad watcher/coupon clipper as WinCo doesn't advertise and they don't take home printed coupons. I guess I will go that route if I have to, however I am dreading that if that is my only option to keep my grocery costs down. Thanks for any help you could offer.


So is anyone familiar with that area and have some tips for Jackie?


Gina said...

Our Winco will take home printed coupons (I've done this only 2-3 times, but never had a problem). Also, if you will have a Safeway or Albertson's nearby, you can often get by on a fairly low budget if you shop using the weekly ads. Maybe they have a Grocery Outlet there?

Lisa B. said...

According to gals on Hot Coupon World that area has Albertsons stores. They of course are coupon users and get out of this world deals. But from what I read they still have great deals even if you dont use coupons. HTH

I wish I had Albertsons in my area.

Lisa B. said...

There is also a store in the area called Grocery Outlet. She can read about it here: http://cameogarrett.blogspot.com/2009/07/making-groceries-last-eating-well.html

Diane said...

There's a Walmart in Wenatchee that might be good for some basic things. If you don't mind driving to stock up, there's also a Super Walmart about 30 miles away in Chelan. The extra cost for gas might be a toss up though.

momstheword said...

Of course every area is different, but in our area Top Foods has pretty good prices, and they have one in Wenatchee. They also have a Costco there and a Grocery Outlet.

If she does the Grocery Game (which I don't, but some do) then Albertson's is there and they take coupons.

I would suggest she make a pricebook and compare Top Foods, Walmart, Target and Albertson's. We already know that Costco and Grocery Outlet has some good deals but you do need to know your prices to find out which has the lowest prices consistently overall.

Cathy said...

I have to agree about the Albertson's deals - I shop Albertson's almost exclusively because the deals are so good. It takes a bit of work and coupons, but I get lots of food for next to nothing all the time!

Some good blogs to check out are




They do a great job of highlighting the best deals for Albertsons!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

There are advantages in living in Wenatchee as from May through October the fresh produce stands are open. They are usually less expensive than in the markets and they are very fresh. You also have otehr towns in the area that have Mom and Pop grocery stores as well as chain stores.

Carol said...

I was just told by a reliable source that WinCo is now taking computer generated coupons now. Great, huh?

Chaney said...

There is a Costco which can be cost effective if you watch the prices. I was fairly impressed with their prices when I lived in the area.

Chaney said...

There is a Costco in Wenatchee which can be cost effective if you watch the prices. I was impressed with the Costco when I lived in that area.

Beyond All Measure said...

Keep your eye out for a Thriftway or an IGA... often they will double or triple coupons!

Unfortunately the closest Thriftway to me is 45 minutes away.... and NO ONE in my area triples coupons and they are very stingy about their doubling!

Sandy (Grannie) said...

When our daughter was living in Alaska where prices were off the wall, I discovered that their Safeway store would greatly discount their meat about an hour before closing. We would go and get roasts etc. for less than half of the original price; and although it is great to have a roast, we would grind it for hamburger where we could really stretch meals by making spaghetti etc. Hope this helps.

Rachael said...

I grew up in Wenatchee and spent most of the summer in a neighboring town-and grocery shopped in Wenatchee while there. Albertson's and Safeway are definitely the way to go but you'll want to look up the coupon matchups or you'll overspend. Grocery outlet is great for the rest when there is something that you need that you didn't stock up on at the other two stores. Shopping at Albertson's and Safeway works best if you're willing to stock up when the deals are hot and can spend more one week to stock up and then make up the difference later.