Sunday, August 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've got carrots, plum tomatoes, lettuce and squash ready in my garden this week. Mom harvested some garlic from her garden to share and one shelf of my freezer is full of wild berries that we've been picking. Plus, last week, friends with chickens gave me their overflow and I got 12 brown eggs.

I love summer.

And friends with chickens.


PB toast and milk
Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins and Yogurt
Poached eggs, toast, fruit
Apple Pan Goody
Oatmeal with fruit topping
Pancakes and homemade syrup
Leftover Muffins


Stir Fried Garden Veggies over rice (making this up as I go)
Easy Crockpot Roast and Veggies, peasant bread
Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken, garden salad, mashed potatoes
Chicken Soup (made from yesterdays carcass) and Buttery Rolls
Baked Potato Bar
Shredded (leftover) beef over noodles, steamed peas
Leftover Night

For more great Menu Plans go see Organizing Junkie. Check back tomorrow to see how my $60 menu plan went.


Emily said...

yep. Friends with chickens ROCK. (So do friends who visit friends w/ chickens. So it all balances out.)

Morgan said...

I know I am late with the questions but could you give us some idea of what you all eat for lunches? I appreciate that they don't seem to be included - but I marvel at how a family of six manage on only four loaves of bread a week.....

Thanks - and thanks for a great blog.


Gayle said...

Hi Morgan. If you go to the search tool on the upper right and type in Lunches it will answer that question. I get that one alot. And as for bread, you'll see from the link, we just don't eat sandwiches very often. Plus I make lots of rolls, biscuits and muffins during the week that helps make our loaf-bread last longer.

Hope that helps to answer your quesiton.

copperdog said...

So how do your teens not eat you out of house and home?? Or your husband for that matter? I have 8 & 11 year old boys (skinny boys!) who are ALWAYS hungry, a 3 year old daughter who can put away more than me, and a husband who works out and will often eat most of what I've bought for the week within the first couple of days leaving me short ingredients and having to change plans mid week. I also work outside the home and starting next week will have to pack lunches for everyone. We have essentially 5 meals (BSLSD) yet it never seems to be enough. We've gone from $1000/month to about $400/mo. We never have any leftovers, it all gets eaten and then they ask for more of "something else". Do you ever run into this at your house? And do you have any packed lunch suggestions? Thanks :)