Monday, August 24, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

Jackpot! I found the free produce stash at my favorite liquidators today. I totally scored. This is the stuff that doesn't look so pretty anymore but is still edible. In the past I've found ripe bananas (brown spots), 15lb bags of potatoes with one rotten one in the bunch, onions, and other great stuff.

Here's today's haul....

S & S Liquidators

Starbucks Coffee $3.49
2 family size cans chicken noodle soup $1.98
2 bags of red potatoes $3.38
Stir Fry Sauce $.49
Cream of broccoli soup $.49
4 bags of green grapes FREE
1 orange pepper FREE
3 zucchini FREE
7 limes FREE


4 loaves of bread and 1 bag of bagels $4.70

Grocery Outlet

Soy Milk $.79 (2 days until expiration)
TP $2.99
Cheese $4.99
Soap $.99
Razors $1.99
Conditioner $.99
Frozen peas $.79
Whole chicken w/ $1 off coupon $4.81


Bulk Rotini $.81
Bulk gravy mix $.67
Bulk rawhide bones $2.44
Bulk onion soup mix $.53
Bulk chili powder $.40
Bananas $2.13
Beef Roast $3.88
Beef Roast $6.61

Grand Total $50.34 (I think I'm under budget because of the free and garden produce)

I also harvested some tomatoes, squash and carrots from my garden this week. Woohoo!

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Jenni said...

I'm very curious as to what you're going to do with the grapes. Are they still "good enough" to eat in the normal fashion or will you be using them in a recipe?

Gayle said...

There are a few grapes that I'll have to pick off and throw away but they are still able to be pop in your mouth. But, since they probably should be eaten by today I think I'm going to juice them for some fresh apple/ (from out trees) grape juice.

Anonymous said...

How about freezing the grapes? They're a perfect snack when eaten frozen!!!! That's what I do when I find them in my store's 50% off produce bin.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I now see from your July 31st post that you already know about frozen grapes! :) Sorry.

Hoosier Homemade said...

Cool! Free produce. Can't beat that!
Thanks for hosting!