Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Yeah....Now Those Are The Kind Of Coupons I Like

Most of you probably know that I'm not a big couponer and if YOU are, well then, you go girl! But sometimes when a coupon just lands in your lap, you'd be some kinda stupid if you didn't use it.

And I'm no dummy.

So check out today's deals.

Franz Discount Bread

3 loaves of bread and 2 boxes of donuts $4.70

S & S Liquidators

2 boxes Wolfgang Puck Broth $1.58
4 yellow onions $1.00
15 red potatoes $3.00
2 cans beans $.78
2 lbs Carrots $.79
Golden mushroom soup $.49
32 oz tomatoes $.69

Grocery Outlet

12 double rolls TP $4.99
1/2 gallon soy milk $2.59
Pint buttermilk $1.49
2 cans pears $1.38
green beans $.59
3 lbs smoked sausages $3.99
Bacon $1.99
2 bottles lemon juice $1.98
3 bars soap $.99
Conditioner $.99
Parmesan $1.99


Gallon milk $1.98
Sugar $2.18
Leeks $2.18
Bottom Round Roast $8.23
30 bags of bulk Equal $.90
2.64 lbs bananas $1.53
1 lb celery $.78
.90 lbs bulk lentils $.69
frozen spinach $.88
.16 lbs bulk sliced almonds $.54
Parsley $.38
Vinegar $.97
Margarine $.68
.17 lbs bulk onion soup mix $.50
2.73 lbs apples $2.40
.45 lbs shallots $.71
.37 lbs bulk beef base $1.38

Fred Myers

Quaker Granola Bars FREE with coupon
4 cans pedigree dog food FREE with coupon
20 lb bag of pedigree dry dog food FREE with coupon $1.42 in tax

Grand Total $64.33

Would you like to share your shopping successes? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Sarah said...

WOW! How the heck-ola did you get FREE dog food?!

That totally rocks!

btw, got my granola coupon too. Thank you. =)

copperdog said...

I bet FM hated to see you coming!

Sarah said...

Nice! Fred Meyers is my favorite. I don't have any of the discount stores near me.

Gayle said...

I got the dog food coupons from the Humane Society when we adopted our dog. They finally arrived. It's crappy food so we're mixing it with our good stuff but I'm definately seeing an increase in poop! Yuck.

I've concluded that clerks hate couponers. I had to correct the lady at checkout three times to get the appropriate discount that the coupon stated. It really put her out and she didn't like me very much by the time I left. The first time she rang me up it was going to cost $18. HELLO! We're talkiing free here girlie. The next time it was $7 and then when she finally got it right she enjoyed telling me that I was still going to have to pay tax.

Anonymous said...

I saw you finally had to buy some lentils...did you actually finish off the giant bag you had? :-)


Bill Medifast said...

I am an avid coupon user... literally have hundreds of them. Love seeing your shopping adventures. I tend to budget real good and average $50-$70 a week for my family. Still getting into the habit a little bit better, but it is starting to work real well.

Thanks for all the great ideas.

Bill M.

Robert said...

Yes, you have to watch very carefully, they can somehow kinda scan but not actually scan the coupon (some cashiers at Walmart have been caught, using the coupon later for themselves)
I had an experience yesterday on the 6th the cashier scanned two of my coupons the cash register took the money off then she backed them back out or the machine did later and the store would not give me my coupons back , give me cash or give me a receipt. I wrote to the maker of the product that mailed me the coupons we will see but it was $6.00 so I was a bit upset about it. Plus I still don't have a receipt from that transaction because they insisted on keeping it. So far this month we have spent $170 on food but I really have to go all out this week and get some.
So we will be back to report the damage. Love the blog keep up the great work.