Monday, November 23, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up I planned and doubled my grocery budget for Thanksgiving. I knew it was coming...I knew what I was going to spend...I think I did a good job. But wow, what a shocker when you're handing over the cash. It disappeared before my very eyes. I'm really looking forward to all the goodies though. I also managed to get another giant sale turkey for a freakishly low price. I now have two turkey's in my freezer. It makes me so happy.

Franz Bread Store

7 loaves of bread, 2 bags bagels $7.67

S & S Liquidators

2 containers of soy milk $.98
10 cans chicken broth $4.90
2 bags Starbucks coffee $5.00
4 onions $1.00
2 green peppers $1.00
1 English cucumber $.99
greenies $.99

Grocery Outlet

TP $6.99
Frozen blackberries $1.99
Shampoo $.99
Conditioner $1.49
Asiago Cheese $1.99
4 chap stick $1.98

Win-Co Foods

Gallon milk $2.28
Strawberry yogurt $1.68
Plain yogurt $1.68
2 cans biscuits $1.96
marjoram $2.24
sour cream $1.13
canola oil $2.34
Feta $2.68
Fresh parsley $.48
3 dozen eggs $2.94
bulk rawhide bones $3.89
celery $.65
meat thermometer $5.48
fresh cranberries $1.98
butter $1.48
kalamati olives $3.28
1 lb Roma tomatoes $1.41
8 ounce cream cheese $.98
white sugar $2.18
spreadable cream cheese $1.68
3.53 lbs bananas $2.05
.79 lbs bulk granola $1.25
2 heads cauliflower $3.56
Romaine lettuce $2.48
.30 lbs ground cinnamon $.49
10lbs unbleached flour $2.98
24.19 lb turkey $5.32

Grand Total $98.51

Would you like to share your Thanksgiving week shopping trip or a super coupon deal you've found? Please feel free. Make sure to link directly to your post, not your homepage and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Michelle said...

:-) It cracks me up that less than $100 feels like a splurge for you when most people struggle to get to that number on a weekly basis with less than 6 people in their family. It just goes to show what a good job you do every week! Enjoy the feast!

Sonshine said...

Great job!

I have two turkeys in my freezer too! I got a store brand 12 lb turkey for under $5 and a 10 1/2 lb butterball turkey for under $8! :) I was happy!

I got some other things too that should last me now for a couple of weeks aside from getting some milk!

Cari said...

I think that it's crazy what you guys spend on Turkey...Our Turkey's here in Canada would be about $32.00 for that same Turkey..I need to go to the U.S. to buy my Turkeys.