Sunday, November 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We had a terrific series of Thanksgivings to attend this weekend and I have more leftovers in my fridge than I know what to do with. Some ended up in the freezer but most of it will be disguised this week into a series of dinners. So my efforts are concentrated around using what I have on hand except for Friday when we'll be celebrating my daughters 13th birthday. Our tradition is that the birthday girl or boy gets to pick all three meals for the day. So you'll see some things on our menu that you wouldn't normally see. But for birthdays, we don't hold back...or obviously care about nutrition.


Cheese omelettes and toast
Smoothies and whole grain cinnamon toast
Captain Crunch Cereal with chocolate milk to drink
Poached eggs, toast, fruit cups
Leftover pancakes

Birthday Lunch

Giant Mall Pretzels with marinara and cheese dipping sauces, grape juice


Turkey Vegetable Soup and leftover rolls
Thanksgiving Memories Casserole (layered stuffing, potatoes, gravy, green beans and turkey topped with cheese and heated in the oven)
Freezer Meal - Ham and bean soup and rolls
Turkey Stir Fry over rice
Leftover Buffet

I've got a great giveaway going up sometime on Monday so you won't want to miss that. You can check back tomorrow to see how my $60 per week budget stretched this week. Should be easy since I had so many leftovers but you just never know. AND to see more menu plans go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Just curious...on a week like this, do you take the opportunity to stock up on some basics or do you just try to get what you need and spend less than usual.

I am trying not spending this time around to see how it goes. If I stay out of the store, I manage to make do with what I have on hand but if I go, I will end up justifying a stock up week.


Gayle said...

Sometimes I use weeks like this to skip shopping altogether and just use what I have. Other times I've used it to stock up on meat or other spendy items. If it wasn't a birthday week I probably would have done one of those two things.

Anonymous said...