Monday, January 4, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

My laptop has a date with the computer doctor on Wednesday. Yahoo! Hoping it's simple, I don't lose any info and the money magically appears to pay for it. could happen. In the meantime I have to skip the pictures AGAIN this week. Thanks for being patient with me guys.

Oh and just a little humor. My dog rode along with me as I grocery shopped today. I usually take a plastic tub to put my groceries in so the dog isn't tempted to sneak a snack. But I made a quick 5 minute stop to grab something and didn't stick it all in my tub. I came back to one pound of hamburger missing as my dog was licking his lips. Sorry kids. Guess we're having vegetarian burritos this week.

S & S Liquidators

Marshmallows $.49
3 boxes of cereal $4.27
2 cans tuna $1.18

Grocery Outlet

TP $4.99
Tortilla $2.39
Cheese $1.99
Olives $.79
3 mac and cheese $1.00
Shampoo $.99
Conditioner $.99
2 toothbrushes $.99


2 gallons milk $4.56
1.97 lbs bulk brown sugar $1.26
hamburger buns $.93
Ground beef $2.75 FOR THE DOG! URGH!
hot dog buns $.98
Frozen chicken patties $3.98
frozen french fries $1.37
2 boxes sausage links $1.96
3.61 lbs bananas $2.09
bulk Equal $.90
2lbs yogurt $1.78
5 dozen eggs $7.08

Grand Total $49.71

Do you have a great deal, a picture of your groceries or an excellent coupon you used this week? Go ahead and link up! Please make sure to link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge from the body of your post.


Anonymous said...

Tucker+hamburger= burp*

Anonymous said...

That dog owes you $2.75!

Millie said...

Hi Gayle,
I'm excited to participate this week. Like many (most) people we are working hard to keep our grocery budget under control. We'll be doing alot of eating out of the freezer this month, this weeks shopping results will be the bulk of what we get this month.

Chef Owings said...

Ummm isn't the son suppose to pay for the dog food LOL You might get Turker to "work" off what he owes you with doggie kisses.

Eating From my pantry this month.Menu already went by way side NO leftovers going in freezer.MUST EAT THEM

Rhonda in OK said...

very funny dog story~ my dog goes shopping with me too but he is too old to bother with raw meat - he likes his cooked and warm.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

We're eating from the pantry completely this month--no trips to the store.

I also have 200 pounds of potatoes in my pantry, so we're having ots of potatoes this month. I'm posting lots of our potato recipes (finally!) as I get pictures up of them. Donuts are going up today sometime!

Michelle said...

You must have one happy dog this week. :)

Kat said...

Hi! Sorry this is off-topic, but I never saw if you posted what you sell at craft shows--I need ideas, if you'll share!
Thanks so much!