Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I made it to all three of my normal stores this week but ended up going over budget a bit. Here's what I brought home. ***I'm having a hard time getting my pictures to upload to blogger. I'll try again later today.

S & S Liquidators

5 tomatoes $1.00
2 cans diced tomatoes $.78
2 bags mini marshmallows $.98

Grocery Outlet

12 double rolls TP $6.99


gallon milk $1.98
butter tub $1.98
2 boxes of margarine $1.36
whipping cream $1.38
5 dozen eggs $7.53
Salsa $4.48
yogurt $1.78
bulk granola $1.23
turkey bacon $1.98
frozen raspberries $2.68
deli ham $3.68
olives $1.58
pork and beans $1.18
vanilla $1.13
oil $2.34
onions $1.28
bulk garlic salt $.50
bulk dried strawberries $3.25
2 lbs Monterrey jack cheese $5.85
bulk yeast $3.46
bulk taco seasoning $1.46
cream cheese $.98
bananas $2.58
sugar $5.79

Grand Total $71.19

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1 comment:

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Your milk prices always make me swoon! Here in Maine the best I can do is $3.14/gallon. Though $3.53 is more the norm. Crazy!