Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

You might remember that a few weeks ago a hunter friend gave me some salmon and elk burger. I'll be using the last of the salmon this week and whipping out the elk burger to see how we like it. I don't come from a hunting family so sometimes it grosses me out to eat anything other than chicken, beef or fish. I know, it's all in my head. But doesn't all meat in it's original form come on a Styrofoam container with plastic wrap around it? No? Dang.

OH! And don't forget that this Tuesday from 6am to 2pm, Denny's is giving away FREE grand slam's. You can check it out HERE. I gave them a call to make sure it wasn't buy one get one free and they said nope. It's actually just FREE FREE FREE! My favorite.


Denny's FREE Grand Slam
Caramel Apple Oven Pancake
Breakfast Parfaits
Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Bacon
Leftover freezer waffles


Taco Bake
topped with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, salsa
Grilled Ham, Cheese and Tomato sandwiches with apples
Elk Meat Chili with Sweet Cornbread
Baked Salmon, green salad, garlic bread
Birthday Party Night
Leftover Buffet
Eating out for Valentines Day

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Leah said...

Your menu looks yummy and I have that Amish Baked Oatmeal on my list of recipes to try :) We had some ground Elk a while back and I made the mistake of making a meatloaf out of it :( It tasted ok but OMG was it a brick of meat! I think Chili is the way to go with it since it is such a dense meat. Have a great week!

Colleen said...

Elk is very very good! I picked up some at our local natural foods store a while back and used it like ground beef for hamburgers....very tasty and if we could afford it we would use that instead of ground beef every time. And while my hubby comes from a hunting family, I didn't and am only now getting to taste different kinds of meat other than what you can buy in the normal grocery wild boar sausage...yum!

Nicole said...

And IHOP has free shortstacks on 2/23.

Catherine said...

My DH hunts like a maniac and we have a freezer full of exotic meat-o-rama. Let me suggest that you use it in something very tacos or enchiladas. It does have just a slightly different taste and if you grill it up like hamburgers first off, you may not care for it. Work into it with the spicier dishes first. :)

rachelg said...

We were also recently given some elk. It tends to dry out very quickly due to the low fat content. I have purchased some very inexpensive high fat ground beef and mixed just a small amount in with the elk to make burgers. They don't dry out and the kids do not even notice the difference!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know why I am commenting as I am a vegetarian (not a judgemental one who begrudges you eating meat but one who is just icked out by the whole thing for me--I actually feed my children meat) but it seems like using a new meat in a flavorful dish like chili is a good choice...not as much focus on the meat flavor alone.

In any event, what I really started here to say was good for you for trying something new like elk. Hope you enjoy it...maybe you can post a little review.


4ddintx said...

My husband hunts and we eat lots of wild game. Elk is primo wild meat. Start with chili or spaghetti with the burger. If you want to make hamburgers, chop up some onion very fine and add an egg or two to the mix--that adds some moisture and great flavor and keeps it from being dry. Sometimes people add some pork fat or cheap hamburger to it so that it has some fat. We don't--it's incredibly healthy and is the first in grass-fed meat! Enjoy!

Candi said...

I've never had elk either. I've eaten strange things in the past (alligator tail - yum, opossum - totally gross, ground hog - umm, and frog legs - yum). Deer meat has a strange "gamey" taste to me so when we have it I add lots of spices to sort of mask it. Can't wait to hear about the verdict!

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating game but have been away from it for years. Recently mom and pop gave up some elk from their freezer...yeah!! So far my favorite things to do with it are spaghetti and mixing it with ground turkey for burgers. yum, yum!!

Erin said...

I've been dealing with the meat thing too. My husband has brough home about 50 lbs of venison over the last month. Thank goodness he processes it himself and cleans the kitchen afterwards. I couldn't stand the thought. I'm only getting better about cooking with it because I know it's so healthy. Elk is even better for for you what he's told me!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Wild game is usually dryer than beef. I generally over come this by adding some olive oil to ground wild game.
Also, if you find wild game has a "gamey" taste - it is usually from how the meat was processed.
We always leave our game on ice (drain the coolers daily) for a about a week. Then we process and no "gamey" taste!
Hope you enjoy!