Monday, February 15, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I got free stuff this week! Love it when that works out. In December, I managed to get a $15 gift card to a grocery store. The drawback was that it was a store in Portland, hour from where I live. I've been carrying it around all this time, waiting for a day when I knew I would be driving there so I wouldn't spend un-needed gas money on a special trip. And a few days ago, when we took a field trip to the museum in Portland, I finally got to use it.

Save-a-Lot FREE!

1 bottle of oil
5 packs of TP
1 bag mini Reese's that didn't make it home for the picture

Grocery Outlet

3 boxes mac and cheese $1
1 jar green olives $1.49
1 large can peaches $.99
1 large can diced tomatoes $.99

Franz Bread Store

1 bag bagels
3 loaves English muffin bread
1 pack rolls
1 bag of Hoagies
1 bag hamburger buns
1 FREE bag of Texas Toast $9.71


2 boxes light bulbs $3.64
jumbo pack burger $6.65
jumbo pack chicken $7.48
gallon milk $1.98 (not pictured)
2 toothbrushes $1.87
2 tubs cottage cheese $2.76
fresh mushrooms $1.98
2 zucchini $.69
1lb broccoli $.89
yogurt $1.68
3 lbs bananas $1.56
3 cans albacore $3.54
OJ $.98
Corn tortillas $1.48
Tater tots $2.17

Grand Total $53.53

Would like to tell us about your shopping trip, a great coupon or a super deal you found? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Great week for you! Congratulations :) My daughter lived in Astoria for a number of years--thought that their groceries were very high. I liked that hands on museum in Portland when we were there and Multnomah Falls was breathtaking. I was just wondering what you could do in our area if you did your grocery shopping here! WOW Hey that would be a fun job; traveling place to place and do grocery shopping and have a company sponsor you!