Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creatively Free Shoe Inserts

You know those expensive padded shoe inserts that you can by in the store? Lot's of people use them for extra cushion in their shoes, especially if they have a job that requires lots of standing. Well, I have a really smart friend who shared the secret of getting free inserts for his shoes and he wants me to pass it on to you.

He goes to the carpet stores and asks for the leftover carpet padding from their jobs. You know, the remnants that they'll never use and are headed for the garbage. Then he brings them home, lays his old inserts on top and cuts them to match. The carpet padding is extra strong and cushiony and they last about a week before he has to cut out another pair.

All free I might add!

So next time you're reaching for pair of over priced inserts, just hop back in your car and drive to the carpet store. You'll save a bundle of money.


Ann said...

That is a great idea and the best part is is FREE, you can't beat that!

Candi said...

What a great idea!!!