Monday, March 15, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

It was back to Monday morning shopping for me this week and WOW was it much less crowded. When it's so crazy at the store it makes it really hard to concentrate and I have to admit....I get cranky. So if I you saw me in the store last Sunday and I looked grumpy, my apologies. Today, I had a smile of relief on my face. Here's how the shopping went.

S & S Liquidators

dishwasher tablets $2.99
tomato and red pepper soup $.79
head of lettuce $.79
10 tomatoes $2.00
4 pack albacore tuna $3.99

Grocery Outlet

Hair spray $2.99
24 double rolls of Charmin $8.99
Cotton balls $.99


sausage links $2.48
milk $2.38
3 lbs hamburger $5.25
tilapia $2.38
ham $6.58
salad mix $1.98
canned green beans $.68
cream cheese $.98
2 packs fresh mushrooms $3.56
7 apples $2.14
butter $1.98
frozen broccoli $1.28
fresh broccoli $1.48
bananas $1.39
carrots $.88

Grand Total $58.95

Would you like to share your own shopping trip, a great deal you found or a coupon that did great things for you this week? Please link directly to your own post, not your homepage and please include a link back here to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Sonshine said...

I love being able to get in the stores when they are not so crowded, I can get in and out of the stores and I can concentrate when I don't have to dodge people/carts and around here less crowds happen when it isn't Friday- Sunday. :)

Great job on your shopping! :)

Kirstin said...

A friend of mine just shared your website with me. I live in Woodland, and do my shopping in Vancouver. I hit Costco, winco, grocery outlet and Gateway Produce. They (gateway produce) have bins of items that maybe have some damaged packaging or are close to the expiration date. A few weeks ago I came home with a box of Clif Bars (8 bars) for $1.00, they were perfectly good. I get cans of food for .50, fiber one bars and toaster pastries for under $2.00 sometimes.
This has been great since we do a lot of traveling with soccer. I can find great snacks (trail mix, etc) for less than the regular stores. Who cares if the box is dented.

Today I went to our local Big Deals and got 2 boxes of Fiber one Toaster pastries for $1.00.

Whoo hoo...always looking for a deal.