Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu includes a meal for a new mom which I'll double and feed to my family too. Also there will be a a few days where I'll be out of town and instead of being super-mom and planning menu's for my hubby and kids, I'm letting them figure out their own meals. I think they can handle it. Plus my freezer is always full of leftover soups, frozen breads, and summer garden produce so I'm sure they'll find something to throw together.


Pancakes from the freezer
Cheddar and Veggie omelets with Bacon
French Toast and homemade syrup
Berry Banana Smoothies and Blueberry Muffins
Leftover muffins as we head out to our home-school co-op
Scrambled eggs, sausage and peaches
Leftover French Toast as we scramble to get to church


Deep Dish Quiche Pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and olives
Sausage, mushroom and chicken casserole, green beans
Shortcut Sausage Manicotti, green salad, dulce de leche bars (for new mom and us)
Homemade chicken and veggie soup (made with homemade stock) & cheesebread
I'm Gone, Yahoo!
I'm Gone, Yippee!
Leftover Buffet (or if they've eaten it all we'll probably have some soup that I saved in the freezer)

For more menu plan ideas go HERE.


Candi said...

Great recipe links! Have fun!

When The Smoke Alarm Goes Off, Dinner's Ready! said...

HI Menu looks great. I had no idea you could make pancake syrup. Just never thought about it, super excited about that recipe tho!!!! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and really enjoy it. I just started a blog myself, check it!

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Your menu looks great. I cant wait to try the dulce de leche bars.