Monday, March 8, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I hit the Franz store on Saturday this week since they now have 2 loaves for a $1. And I shopped on a Sunday which I'll never do again. Does everybody shop on Sundays? It was so crowded we could have used stoplights in the aisles to keep traffic moving. I also tried a new grocery liquidator and it stunk. When you've been spoiled with great prices, you almost get a little bit mad when another comparable store tries to make you pay more. Lesson learned: if it ain't broke don't fix it. The fun part this week is that I get to cook for someone else. I'm part of a group of ladies that brings meals to new mommies. That's always fun. So you'll see a few irregular (for me) ingredients in my list today. Here's what I found.


8 loaves of bread $4.00

Prospector Liquidators

2 cans tomato soup $1.38
body wash $.99
2 cans sweetened condensed milk $1.38
canned green beans $. 69


7 apples $2.43
6 pears $1.91
Bananas $1.57
celery $.88
spring mix $1.98
frozen cauliflower $1.28
mushrooms $1.78
frozen blueberries $3.48
frozen mixed berries $2.00
2 packs TP $4.94
5 dozen eggs $7.59
milk $2.33
manicotti $1.89
caramel syrup $2.84
Giant Ragu $4.98
whipping cream $2.78
yogurt $1.78
lemon juice $1.58
2 sausage $4.46
bacon $2.44
pepperoni $1.70
mozzarella $5.27
olive $.95
2 cans mushrooms $.96
2 rolls sugar cookie dough $3.96
Parmesan $2.23
bulk brown sugar $1.53
bulk oats $.69
bulk baking powder $.54

Grand Total $77.19

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Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

2 loaves of bread for $1 is amazing! I wish I could find a deal like that in my area...

Carla said...


Have you posted the recipe for that great looking soap you made a while back? I haven't seen it yet and am anxious for a recipe that has been tried with success. Checked out books from the library and remain intimidated, so I am ready for an easy doable recipe.

thanks for posting it if you already have and looking forward to it if it is still in the works!

Kim said...

I shopped on Sunday too...and here I thought everyone was at Fred Meyer! Back to Monday mornings for me.

Anonymous said...

Fred Meyers has extra lean ground beef on sale this week for $1.57 a lb in 3 lb tubs.


Carrie said...

I went on Saturday and what a deal. Thanks for the tip! I know what you mean about Prospector. I won't even go there because it is so much more expensive.

Chef Owings said...

if you shop on Sunday you must go during "church" hours or you get no where. Very early mornings and you will end up with the seniors( which I enjoy because I pick their brains for frugal wisdom) or late night.My son goes in the middle of the night.