Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It : Egg Shells

Seriously, I think EVERYTHING has multiple uses. And just to show you what I mean, I'm going to take something that almost everyone just throws away without a second glance, and show you some different ways to get just a bit more life out of it. I'm talking about empty egg shells. And doesn't everyone have an over abundance of these right now after all those Easter egg hunts? I'm almost sick of eating up our colored eggs.

I'm just nerdy enough to really enjoy this and I hope you find some ways that you'll be able to get a second purpose from something you thought was garbage. Here's some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. I'd love to hear your ideas too!

  1. Crush them up and throw them in the compost or directly in the soil around your plants. I know that's a no-brainer but I had to list it. The calcium is essential for cell growth in plants.
  2. Do you have a metal thermos or coffee mug that's stained up from your coffee? Eggshells can clean it right out. Crack the eggshells and put them in the mug, add some water and shake it really good. The shells will remove residue without cracking the liner inside.
  3. Take the bite out of your coffee. Add a washed egg shell to your coffee grounds inside the filter and then brew. The calcium in the shell removes the bitter taste from your coffee.
  4. Clean your drains. Keep a few crushed eggshells in your kitchen sink strainer. They gradually break up and travel down your pipes, cleaning them along the way. The calcium carbonate leaches through the water every time the water is run.
  5. Keep slugs away from tender garden seedlings. Crack eggshells and circle your tender plants. Slugs don't like to crawl over the sharp shells and they'll stay away.
  6. Organic eggshells are great to make your own calcium supplements. Just crush them up with a mortar and pestle and then fill gell caps from your local health food store.
  7. Do the same for your pets. Powder them with a mortar and pestle and sprinkle over your dogs food. This is great for older dogs with bone density problems.
  8. Make mosaics with the kids. The colored shells left over from Easter eggs can make great art. Use a little glue to make a design on paper and then sprinkle the shells on.
  9. When making homemade stock throw a few shells in. It will add much needed calcium to your broth and will be strained out later.
  10. Make homemade sidewalk chalk!
For more great ideas visit WFMW!


Candi said...

You are amazing! I was going to be "nerdy" and say "egg"traordinary :)

I really do love all your ideas, please keep them coming!

Jenni R. said...

I linked up your list to my post on egg shell art. Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I have been around a long time. I had not idea about using the egg shells for so many things. I always crush them and add to the compost pile.
I really do think putting them on the dog's food is a great idea. I have 2 older dogs who have some problems. I am sure going to try this for them.
Thank you so much. Roxie M. in Round Rock Texas

Veronica said...

put them to soak in a jar of water and use the resulting solution to water your plants to make them more lush.

Jennifer said...

Wow! So I knew about some of those things, but really who knew there were so many uses for egg shells?

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas! I had NO idea that eggshells could be so useful :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Gee, I always learn something over here! I just toss them in my compost for my garden, but I may try out some new ideas from here!

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

We've always done your tip of using them to prevent slugs around our seedlings in the garden. It really does work well! :)


MK said...

Put them in a sock or thin sack (and tie off the end) and crush before throwing into the whites load of laundry. Helps whiten.

Janine said...

If you are nerdy, I am nerdy-er! I LOVE this post and the ideas in it! Brilliant! Just found your site today. Definitely will be back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! We just started raising chickens and I'm sure we'll have lots of egg shells after they start laying this fall!

Catie said...

Who'd thunk eggshells could have 2 uses LET ALONE 10!!! Great post!!! :)