Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I have some exciting new for locals. S & S liquidators has their new freezer cases set up and chilling! I can't wait to see what they'll be offering in there. Also, don't forget that Franz bread store has 2 for $1 on Saturdays. I forgot last week and just couldn't get myself to go and pay full price so we stayed breadless.

Here's what I found this week...


4 loaves of bread $2.00

S & S Liquidators

Electrosol $2.99
Tomato soup $.49
6 apples $2.00

Grocery Outlet

Whole chicken w/ $1 off $5.89
L'oreal hair color $3.99
polish remover $.99
12 double rolls TP $5.99


Milk $1.98
Hydro cortisone cream $2.18
lunch bags $.92
Club soda $1.49
BBQ sauce $3.59 (low carb = expensive)
2 nasal sprays $2.72
fresh mushrooms $1.78
green beans $.58
butter $1.98
bleach $.98
spring greens $1.98
Swiss cheese $4.31
sausages $3.48
pork butt $6.97

Grand Total $59.28

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