Monday, April 26, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

So, I have this great recipe for French Dip Sandwiches on my menu this week but when I went to find the 4 lb boneless chuck roast (which is the cheapest cut you can get) I nearly lost it in the grocery store. It was a good 20 bucks worth of meet! I seriously considered throwing caution to the wind and just tossing it in my cart anyway. But, I just couldn't do it. I was going to go with a different roast but when I asked the butcher he told me that the other roasts won't shred properly. I noticed the butcher was marking pork roasts down and decided to change from beef roast to a pork chuck roast but even THAT was a lot of money. He did tell me some valuable info though. He let me know that pork Carnita made THE best shredded pork sandwiches in the crockpot and at half the SALE price of the marked down pork chuck roast. I was sold and I think I love my butcher now. Why have I waited this long to start asking him questions?

So here's how it went today...

Franz (Dang, I missed the Saturday 2/$1 deal.)

3 loaves of bread and pack of buns $5.00

Dollar Tree

Deodorant $1.00
2 toothpaste $2.00


Milk $1.98
2 cans chili $1.76
frozen blueberries $1.68
10lbs flour $3.23
sugar $2.34
4 lbs Pork Carnita $5.49
3 lbs ground beef $5.37
5 dozen large eggs $5.20
1.8lbs apples $1.76
margarine $.68
BBQ sauce $1.49
green pepper $.98
2 cans albacore tuna $2.24
3.6 lbs bananas $2.09

Grand Total $44.29

I found myself with lots of veggies and some grapes left as well as frozen and canned fruit and veggies so I didn't have to go hog wild on produce this week.

Did you have a shopping trip you'd like to share? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage and please include a link back to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Anonymous said...

What cut is "Pork Carnita"? I have heard of carnitas, but have never heard of "pork carnita". What part of the hog is this (shoulder, butt, ???) ?

Kathi said...

Pork Carnitas? I've never heard of it.. What is it, exactly (besides a cut of pork :)) I mean, what else can you do with it besides slow cook it and shred it?

momma-lana said...

I take a cheapie pork roast and rub it with a package or two of taco seasoning. A pkg for every 2 pounds or so. Cook for 12 hours on low in the crockpot and then shred the meat and mix it back into the juices. Serve over rice the first night with cornbread. Then on buns with bbq sauce on the side the second night. YUM!

Gayle said...

Here's the definition of carnita: "Pork carnitas is traditionally made using the heavily marbled, rich 'boston butt' or 'picnic ham' cuts of pork. Contrary to their misleading names, these are neither rump or ham areas, but rather the upper and lower sections of the front shoulder of the hog." It's really just big chunks it's not a pretty roast that you could put on the table. Perfect for shredding.

Nicole said...

This is why I can't plan a menu and then shop for the ingredients. I almost always get to the store and what I am needing is twice as much as a I want to pay. Then my menu falls apart. So, I plan meals based on what's on sale, then shop for the ingredients. (Of course, I STILL never do 1/4 as good as you do on shopping for a family of 6.)

Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! What terrific savings!

Michelle said...

ah yes....I have gotten to know the butchers at our's like an old school meat dept. Nothing pre-packaged...all behind the counter...and those guys have helped me sooo much!