Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

We're finally having our extended family Easter this week so there's one day I don't have to cook. Plus, my kids are excited to see their favorite meal on the schedule. The one I have to double in size or risk getting none. So keep your eye out for Funky Chicken Sesame Noodles. I don't know if it's the actual meal or the fact that they get to use chopsticks that makes it so fun.

Here's what's cooking this week...


Oatmeal with brown sugar and applesauce
Blueberry pancakes
Zucchini Muffins and Creamsicle Smoothies
Leftover muffins (busy morning)
Scrambled eggs and toast
French toast with berries on top
Leftover Pancakes


Crock pot Baked Potatoes
with either chili/cheese or broccoli/cheese on top
Ground Beef Stroganoff over noodles, green beans
Slow cooker Sausage and Potatoes, fruit cups
Funky Chicken Sesame Noodles, stir fry veggies
Dinner with extended family
Leftover Buffet

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JessieLeigh said...

Those Funky Chicken Sesame Noodles sound great! We have a HOt & Sour Peanut Noodle recipe in our family that is just as enthusiastically received. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with JessieLeigh - the Funky Chicken Sesame Noodles sound awesome! I'm going to have to try those soon.

Mama Squirrel said...

I like the sound of anything called Funky Chicken, but 3797 mg of sodium per serving--ow, even for me (not the one on the low sodium diet) that's a bit much. Sigh--maybe in another life.

Sue Rogers7 said...

I have to say, The chicken was to die for! I had to try it after seeing the picture on your blog. I will be making this again and again! Thanks so much!