Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Tires

I have to admit that I don't have a giant heap of tires in my backyard. My neighbors might freak out a bit. But over the years, numerous old car and bike tires have found their way into my garage and they've always given me trouble when it comes to getting rid of them. But now, I wish I had every single one of them because the list you're about to read really gets me excited. Take a look at these great ways to put old tires to a good use.

  1. Grow Potatoes. I'm so crazy-excited about this one. You can have a whole potato garden in a tiny space with a stack of tires. Check out the directions HERE on how to do it. Everything I've read says not to worry about any chemicals in the tire. Use old worn out tires that have had years of wearing down and exposure to the elements and there's not much left that can harm you.
  2. Make a Tire Swing. We've had one of these in our back yard for at least 14 years and the rope holding it wears out faster than the swing. The kids have had so much fun with it.
  3. Make Raised Garden Beds. Stack tires two or three high and fill with compost and soil. This is great for people with back problems who can't bend over a regular bed. AND you get all the growing benefits of the raised bed method (less weeds, warmer soil).
  4. Make some sandals! Oh yes you can. Go here for complete directions on how to make sandals from tires. Bet those will last forever and they even look good too.
  5. Protect you garage from a new driver. Hang a tire on the garage wall at bumper level. When your new driver is learning to park in the garage this might save you from an unwanted and surprising new window in your garage wall.
  6. Clothesline. Use an old tire for the base of your clothesline poles. Fill with cement and put your pole in the middle then string between the two poles.
  7. Make a Sandbox. A large tractor tire can be filled with sand and become a fun place for the kids to dig and play.
  8. Protect young trees. Cut upon one side of a tire and place it around the base of a tree. Next time you mow you'll be sure not to get too close to the fragile sapling.
  9. Make a belt. Use a bike tire to make an indestructible and really cool looking belt.
  10. Make a Designer Headband. Some people are just so creative. Go check out what this woman did with an old bike tire. Seriously Cute!
For more WFMW ideas go here.


Kasey Hunt said...

New to your blog! Great tips. We have 4 tires sitting in our garage now. Tire swing sounds like a great idea. Thanks.

Candi said...

Great ideas Gayle! But the headband link is broken, it's taking me back to the tire belt.

crittermom said...

Ok. Totally cool! I'm all about container planting, and since I live out in the country, I *DO* have a pile of random, "junk" tires around. I think next year I'll be planting potatoes! Awesome! Thanks, Gayle!!

Anonymous said...

Gayle, please don't use tyres for growing potatoes - nasty chemicals can leach into them.

Love your blog
all the best

Angel Reuther said...

I've read about growing potatoes in this same way with a garbage can. Sounds great for a space saver!

Maria D. @ DownrightDomesticity said...

Oh man, I SOOOO want to make those shoes now! What a great idea!

Roxie700 said...

I have seen these tires shredded up and used as mulch. It is on a lot of play grounds in our area. It is good EXCEPT it gets too hot here in Texas.

Also, I do not think using tires to grow food is a good idea. But flowers etc. a tire would be fine. For years my grand mother had tires around her trees. (planted when the tree was tiny) and planted flowers at the base. Looked very pretty.

Jamie @ Me Getting Debt Free said...

I'm new to your blog too! Great tips. Here's another one (more for the rural set)....when my uncle was still dairy farming he would us old tires as a way to hold milk buckets in the calf pens. They worked really well too!

April said...

I love the garden idea! I have a bad back, and this could really help me in my quest to grow a garden.

April said...

I love the garden idea! I have a bad back, and this could really help me in my quest to grow a garden,

Anonymous said...

Gayle ... you forgot to use them for your kid's tetherball base! They last forever and my kids love having one!